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All 17 Daniel Day-Lewis Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By Reggina Zervou

Definitely the best actor of his generation, Daniel Day-Lewis is the only male actor to win the Best Actor Oscar winner three times as an outcome of an astonishing career, in which he gave cinematic life to many different characters, some of whom are already considered classics.

Born in a multicultural (British – Irish – Jewish – Polish) and artistic family, his father was a poet, his mother an actress, and his elder sister a documentarian. He was engaged with acting since the age of 14 in Schlesinger’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” and then he participated in various Shakespeare companies. With strong theatrical experience in his arsenal, he appeared in the big screen again in 1982 with a small part in “Gandhi,” followed very soon by three remarkable movies: “Bounty” (1984), “My Beautiful Laundrette” (1985) and “A Room with a View” (1986).

These films proved that he was an actor of remarkable talent who knew to wait and weigh the roles offered to him, always choosing the best. That remained one of his most remarkable characteristics, as in an almost 40-year-long career he made just 21 movies, waiting two or three years to pass from one performance to the other so that the old part would be washed away and he could dive deep into the new one. That is noticeable and makes most of his performances at least remarkable.

And far more than that. He is known for turning down mega-proposals and opting for small productions that have meaning for him. The only time he was rejected a role was that of Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction,” which was given to John Travolta.

Leaving aside the movies where his played supporting roles – like “The Bounty” and “Nanou,” but not his very characteristic Cecyl in “A Room with a View” – we’ll start counting → continue…

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