Hasselblad launches new cable release, battery charging hub for X1D

Hasselblad has introduced a cable release for its X1D medium format rangefinder-style camera alongside a new USB double battery charger. The Release Cord X is 90cm/36in long and triggers the shutter in single shot and continuous modes, and controls the camera via its ⟳ continue…

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Crack Light – Tiny Waterproof Flexible LED Light, Now on Kickstarter

By Jakub Han

The Crack light is a new Kickstarter campaign by Blind Spot Gear. It is a tiny, flexible and waterproof LED panel, consisting of 49 daylight (6000K) LEDs and is powered via USB connector. It can be used either with or without a dimmer and can be ⟳ continue…

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USB isn’t straightforward. Here’s our guide to make sense of it

By (Leo Waldock)

USB isn't straightforward. Here's our guide to make sense of it

USB standards have become, shall we say, a little confusing. And now we have USB 3.2 and USB4 on its way. Leo Waldcock sheds some light on what this all means.

  • USB 32
  • USB 31
  • USB Gen 2

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    Surprise unveiling of USB 4.0, and it rivals Thunderbolt 3 speeds

    By (Andy Stout)

    The connector might not change, but the data you can get through the cable will

    USB 3.2 is not even out yet but its replacement has just been announced. Can USB 4.0 genuinely be the One Cable to Rule Them?

    • USB
    • USB4

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      USB 3.2 specification arrives this year with confusing new naming structure

      The USB 3.2 specification announced by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) in 2017 will be arriving soon, and it’ll bring a relatively convoluted new naming structure with it. As was the case when the USB 3.1 specification launched, the new USB 3.2 spec ⟳ continue…

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