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GoPro will now accept almost any digital camera for trade-in, even ‘destroyed’

GoPro has relaunched its Trade-Up program, this time as a permanent option for customers located in the United States. The program first launched last year, but only as a temporary promotion limited to previous-generation GoPro cameras exchanged for discounts on current-generation models. This time around, GoPro is accepting nearly any digital camera in any condition.

The company says it will accept any GoPro or non-GoPro digital camera under the program, and that any condition is acceptable, including “destroyed.” To participate, customers must use the Trade-Up website to purchase either a Fusion or HERO6 Black, where they’ll receive a $50 discount on the HERO6 Black (bringing the price down to $350) and/or a $100 discount on the Fusion (bringing the price down to $600).

GoPro provides the customer with a prepaid shipping label to send the company their trade-in camera; once the trade-in is verified, GoPro ships the newly purchased camera to the customer.

According to the program’s FAQ, the trade-in camera must have a new value of at least $100 USD, and while multiple cameras can be traded-in, only one discount can be applied per camera purchase. Customers have 45 days to ship the trade-in to GoPro; once received, the company will charge their payment card for the new device.

Explaining why it decided to expand the program to cover any digital camera, GoPro says, “It’s not so much that we want your old camera. We just want to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest and greatest GoPro.”

Press Release

GoPro Launches Camera Trade-Up Program for HERO6 Black and Fusion Cameras

Send in Any Older-Generation GoPro – or Any Other Digital Camera – and Receive $50 off HERO6 Black and $100 off Fusion at GoPro.com

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RiverRun International Film Festival April 19-29

By Olivia Gleichauf

The 20th annual RiverRun Film Festival is a regional event in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is one of the premier film festivals in the southeastern United States. RiverRun has grown substantially since founded in 1998, and will be presenting 165 films from over 40 different countries. RiverRun creates an inspired environment featuring a combination of […]

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Composite timelapse combines Death Valley’s night sky with New York City’s streets

In honor of International Dark Sky Week 2018—which will run from April 15th to the 21st—timelapse filmmakers Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic decided to create an interesting composite. Using their ample post-processing skills and footage they’d captured across the country, they replaced the light-polluted skies over New York City with long-exposure footage captured in pristine locations like Death Valley and Grand Canyon National Parks.

The whole thing is part of the duo’s project Skyglow: an ongoing quest to raise awareness about and examine the dangers of light pollution. The project features a 192-page hardcover book and blu ray video series made up of footage and photos captured all over the United States, but it was also the impetus behind an inspiring series of Skyglow timelapses. The project began three years ago with another composite timelapse—in which they ‘darkened’ the skies over LA—so Heffernan and Mehmedinovic decided they would cross the country and do it again, this time in NYC, for Dark Sky Week 2018.

You can learn more about the Skyglow Project at this link, watch the new New York City composite timelapse above, and scroll through some stills from the project below.

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Oscar Winning Director Anders Walter On His Feature Length Debut I Kill Giants

By Max Geschwind

Below the Line: How did you get involved with I Kill Giants? Anders Walter: I was in Denmark trying to work on a British feature which ultimately fell through. I was then sent several screenplays from my agents in the United States, however none of them really connected with me. Soon After, producer Chris […]

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10 Great Movies To Watch If You Liked “Annihilation”

By Chris van Dijk


For those who have been fans of Alex Garland’s written work and his cinematic directorial debut “Ex Machina,” “Annihilation” was eagerly anticipated. “Annihilation” was based on Jeff VanderMeer’s original novel of the same name, which was also the first part of a cerebral and mysterious trilogy known as “The Southern Reach.” Reading the original novel, it became clear that adapting it wasn’t going to be easy and when the trailer eventually came out, it diverted a lot from the source material.

Many feared that the finished film was compromised by the studio, as reports leaked out about how the main financier was worried that the film was ”too intellectual.” The film was originally supposed to be distributed by Paramount, but had then been sold to Netflix after poor test screenings.

Only those who lived in either the United States, Canada or China had the virtue of seeing this splendorous film in theaters, while the rest of Europe and the UK had to be content with streaming it via Netflix.

One apparent difference from the novel and the trailer was its emphasis on monster horror. Though there were hints of monster action in the novel, it was mostly kept to the reader’s imagination as the main character – named ‘the biologist’ in the book – would find the gory remains of numerous victims instead of witnessing actual slaughter. In the trailer, we already saw a strange bearlike organism attack the main characters. This could have been perceived as a studio mandate – stripping down the film’s intellectualism and bulking up conventional horror beats.

It turns out that we had nothing to fear. Garland won the final cut and “Annihilation” is his complete vision. In a strange twist, the changes to the novel worked, not just because they translate better to the medium of → continue…

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Biamp Systems to Showcase Vocia Networked Paging and Voice Evacuation at ISC West 2018

By Dundee Hills Group

BEAVERTON, Oregon — April 4, 2018 — Biamp Systems, a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems, will showcase its award-winning Vocia® networked paging and voice evacuation system in booth 22140 at this year’s ISC West 2018, April 11-13 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Using a decentralized network architecture, Vocia is designed to eliminate the potential for a single point of system failure and to provide the healthcare industry, corporate offices, convention spaces, and high-volume transportation environments with a reliable, future-proof emergency communications system (ECS).

Vocia’s distributed networked approach gives security personnel unprecedented flexibility, scalability, intelligibility, and reliability to meet current and future ECS requirements. Vocia uses standard IP technologies such as CobraNet® and VoIP, and it integrates with existing IP networks for multi-site installations. Vocia also meets the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) compliance requirements for voice paging in the United States, as set forth in the 2016 code revisions.

More information on Biamp’s full product portfolio is available at www.biamp.com.

Visit Biamp Systems at ISC West, Booth 22140

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About Biamp Systems

Biamp Systems, LLC is a leading provider of innovative, networked media systems that power the world’s most sophisticated audio/video installations. The company is recognized worldwide for delivering high-quality products and backing each one with a commitment to exceptional customer service.

Biamp is dedicated to creating products that drive the evolution of communication through sight and sound. The award-winning Biamp product suite includes: Tesira® media system for digital audio and video networking, Devio® collaboration tool for modern workplaces, Audia® digital audio platform, Nexia® digital signal processors, and Vocia® networked public address and voice evacuation system. Each has its own specific feature set that can be customized and integrated in a wide range of applications, including corporate boardrooms, conference centers, huddle rooms, performing arts venues, courtrooms, hospitals, transportation hubs, → continue…

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