Uma Thurman

The 10 Best Movies That Are Full of Pop Culture References

By Shane Scott-Travis

Certainly part of the allure that goes along with films is the incredible impact they can have on popular culture and along with that, the value movies can hold as social currency.

I was a teenager living in the sticks when Pulp Fiction came out and I remember hitchhiking through a blizzard and back to get to the big city to see it (my VHS tape of Reservoir Dogs was a gem in my growing movie collection), and the next day in home room rhyming off details about Royale with Cheeses, going medieval on people, and humming Link Wray’s “Rumble” as if I’d always known the melody.

Later I would learn that Uma Thurman’s bob hairdo was a nod to Anna Karina in so many Jean-Luc Godard films and that Thurman and John Travolta’s butt wriggle at Jack Rabbit Slims was an homage to Karina and her pals shuffling the Madison in Godard’s Bande à part (1964), which also provided the nomenclature for QT’s production company, A Band Apart Films.

I offer this anecdote of my early days as a cineaste to illustrate how pop culture references in cinema, while not at all a new invention, can still offer deep rewards, act as a “gateway drug” to other films, and at the very least boost your odds on trivia night at your favorite pub.

While the following list is limited to only ten films I do want to list a few more here and point out also that below you will NOT find any animated films (otherwise Hotel Transylvania, the LEGO Movie, Shrek, and the Toy Story movies would dominate this list).

If this list were longer you’d most certainly see a wealth of 90s films (Scream, Swingers, and True Romance are brimming with pop culture films, which make them not just great → continue…

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