Star Wars

Original Star Wars Raw Footage Reveals Sound Design’s Impact

By George Edelman

Yes, it seems Han had a couple girlfriends before he met Leia. But that’s not all this reveals.

If you’ve never glimpsed the dailies from Star Wars before, we highly recommend that you do it now. Check out the famous cantina scene (posted here by Kcho santiago) in its original ⟳ continue…

From:: No Film School

Reverse Engineering 1980s Sci-Fi Spaceship Visual Effects

By Jourdan Aldredge

A look into how one creative filmmaker reverse engineered how to create his very own 1980s style spaceship visual effects.

For many, there may not be a more singularly impressive visual effects shot than the opening spacecraft shot in the original Star Wars from 1977. While for many audiences, the visual ⟳ continue…

From:: No Film School