NVIDIA and RED team up to improve 8K playback

By Matthew Allard ACS

The biggest hurdles when dealing with high-resolution content such as 8K is usually when it comes to playing it back → continue…

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RED to Offer a New Entry-Level Camera Body

By Charles Haine

RED upgrades its Dragon sensor to IPP2 with the new Dragon-X option.

Just a few short months ago, RED simplified its → continue…

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RED Announces Dragon-X, Adding 5K super35mm to DSMC2 Line Up

By Tim Fok

RED has announced a 4th body to its unified DSMC2 line up. The Dragon-X is the smallest sensor of the → continue…

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RED adds Dragon sensor to DSMC2 line up

By Newsshooter

Today, RED announced that the previous Dragon sensor would be getting the DSMC2 treatment with internal IPP2. The Dragon-X sensor → continue…

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