IFH 313: Why You Are Failing Your Filmmaking Dream

By Alex Ferrari

Why You Are Failing Your Filmmaking Dream WARNING: Listening to this episode might shake up your life. Seriously, on today’s episode, I get RAW and REAL with the tribe. This is by far one of the most impactful episodes I’ve ever recorded. Truth bombs will be dropped. Hearts may ⟳ continue…

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RAW vs LOG vs Compression Codecs vs Uncompressed HDMI and SDI: A Primer

By Sareesh Sudhakaran The simplest explanation of the differences and when you should use which. ⟳ continue…

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Canon to follow Nikon and offer external RAW recording on EOS R via HDMI

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

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Comment on the forum Convincing rumours are doing the rounds in the filmmaking community, thanks to a slip by Canon USA on Twitter. The official account offered a poll asking whether followers would like to learn more about Canon EOS R external ⟳ continue…

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