New Year

NAB 2018 belated Slideshow

By Jon Fauer

New Year 2019 Resolution: Get these slideshows posted on time. Here are Mark Forman’s excellent photos from NAB 2018. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge and click through all 330 → continue…

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Join our team! DPReview is hiring three Software Development Engineers

If your New Year’s resolution list includes a career move, we’ve got good news: DPR is seeking three Software Development Engineers at a range of → continue…

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2019 camera and lens manufacturers’ New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

There’s plenty in this world that we’re not sure about (Peas in guacamole? The resurgence of 90’s fashion trends? Pineapple on → continue…

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DPReview TV: Full frame mirrorless camera party

It’s time to ring in the New Year, and we invite you to join us at the Full Frame Mirrorless camera party, where we’ll meet → continue…

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“It’s Not Purification, It’s Something Else”: Sophia Takal Scorches Social Media Self-Care Celebrities in her Blumhouse Horror Feature, New Year, New You

By Aaron Hunt

In Blumhouse’s first female-directed feature film, New Year, New You, Sophia Takal (Always Shine, Green) sticks four friends from high school (played by an all-female cast toplined by Suki Waterhouse, → continue…

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How Sophia Takal Became Blumhouse’s First Female Director

By Abbey Bender

In ‘New Year, New You,’ an all-female cast experiences extreme tension in close quarters.

Sophia Takal’s New Year, New You, the fourth episode of Hulu’s Blumhouse-produced new horror anthology → continue…

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