Fujifilm MK Zooms go MFT, Blackmagic Fans Says “Yay!”

By Charles Haine

Adding a third lens mount, the MFT mount, for the truly parfocal MK zooms from Fujifilm is a good sign for Blackmagic Pocket owners that high-end lenses are coming.

The original launch of the MK Zoom lenses, a pair of truly parfocal (holding focus all the way through the zoom range), ⟳ continue…

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Sharp announces it’s officially joining Micro Four Thirds system

Copyright Kinotika

Electronics giant Sharp has officially joined the Micro Four Thirds system according to a brief statement on the Olympus global website. In the statement Sharp is identified as a ‘driving force’ behind 8K imaging, suggesting that the company will use the MFT ⟳ continue…

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