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US: Grady Cofer – VFX Supervisor – Industrial Light & Magic

By Vincent Frei

Last year, Grady Cofer told us about the ILM‘s work on READY PLAYER ONE. He talks to us today about US, his first collaboration with director Jordan Peele.

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10 Great Movies You Should See If You Liked “Us”

By Shane Scott-Travis


To those who have yet to see Jordan Peele’s creepy, funny, and absolutely thrilling new film Us –– and why the shit haven’t you? –– rest assured, the following list is light on spoilers. We don’t want to ruin the fun for anyone who has yet to be lead by ⟳ continue…

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From Serling to Peele: The 60-Year Journey of ‘The Twilight Zone’

By V Renée

“The Twilight Zone” was already 6 decades old before it made its way to Jordan Peele.

April 1st is only days away, y’all and that means we’re all so, so close to being able to watch some spine-tingling, anxiety-inducing goodness from Jordan Peele’s reboot of The Twilight Zone.

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The Editor of “Us” on Working with Jordan Peele and the Horror Genre

By Logan Baker The editor of Jordan Peel’s latest horror masterpiece explains what it’s like editing horror and cutting nonverbal musical scenes. ⟳ continue…

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