Sony VENICE Firmware 4.0 Adds Optional HFR Mode – 4K 120fps

By Olaf von Voss


Sony keeps on refining its flagship camera, the VENICE. With an optional HFR (high frame rate) license this beast will be capable of shooting 4K at 120fps. The firmware 4.0 itself will be free of charge but the optional HFR mode will require a credit card swipe. Both updates will ⟳ continue…

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Sony adds 4K High Frame Rate capabilities to VENICE

By noreply@redsharknews.com (Andy Stout)

From June, Sony's VENICE will shoot in 4K 120fps with an additional license

The confirmation of an optional HFR license later this year sees Sony adding 4K 120fps capabilities to its VENICE system, with more features added by a V4 firmware update.

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    Sony Venice to get 4K 120fps in Version 4.

    By alisterchapman

    Coming just a few days after the release of the Venice version 3 firmware, Sony have just released details of the next major Venice update which is planned to be released in June of this year. Last year when Sony started talking about HFR (high frame rates) for Venice it ⟳ continue…

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