Warren Eagles interview: How do we deal with grading in an HDR world?

AJA at NAB: 8K, HDR and Broadcast IP

By Bryant Frazer

AJA’s NAB 2019 efforts were focused in three areas: 8K, HDR and IP video, with announcements including a broad software update that brings Apple ProRes support to Windows and Linux along with extending the Kona 5 card’s capture capabilities to 8K.

AJA Desktop Software v15.2, set for release in May, will ⟳ continue…

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NAB 2019: Teradek’s New Bolt 4K Transmitter for Wireless Video

By Logan Baker At NAB 2019, Teradek announced the Bolt 4K wireless transmitter, which offers a seamless feed at 2160p60 HDR with zero delay. ⟳ continue…

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Fujifilm’s Large-Format Premista Series Kicks Off with Two New Cinema Zooms

By Bryant Frazer

Premista lens

After a kick-off event at the ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood last week, Fujifilm came to Las Vegas with news of Premista, a series of cinema zoom lenses built for large-format sensors and HDR acquisition.

Looking to make sense of the name? Think Premier, as in Fujifilm’s high-performance Super 35mm format premier ⟳ continue…

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Sony Introduces ‘Flagship’ HDC-5500 4K HDR Broadcast Camera for Entertainment Production at NAB

By Bryant Frazer

Sony HDC-5500 side view

Sony announced its new flagship broadcast camera, the HDC-5500, describing it as the world’s first 2/3-inch 4K HDR three-CMOS camera system with global shutter.

Sony’s touting the camera’s high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, as well as its wide dynamic range capabilities for HDR acquisition. It’s controllable via a 19-inch 3U half-rack ⟳ continue…

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Atomos Debuts 1,500-nit Shogun 7 Monitor-Recorder-Switcher

By Bryant Frazer

Atomos Shogun 7 product shot

Atomos announced the Shogun 7, a new seven-inch 1920×1200 display device designed for single-camera recording at up to 4K or live multi-cam recording and switching, with support for capturing four independent 60p HD-SDI streams.

To enhance HDR performance, the Shogun 7 uses ⟳ continue…

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New Atomos Shogun 7 with Dolby Vision Out and 15 stop screen.

By alisterchapman

image New Atomos Shogun 7 with Dolby Vision Out and 15 stop screen.

So this landed in my inbox today. Atomos are releasing what on paper at least is a truly remarkable new recorder and monitor, the Shogun 7.

For some time now the Atomos Inferno has been my go-to monitor. It’s just so flexible and the HDR screen is wonderful. But the new ⟳ continue…


NAB2019, Atomos svela Shogun 7 il monitor, registratore e switcher HDR

By News

Annunciato il nuovo Atomos Shogun 7, un concentrato di monitor HDR da 7 pollici, registratore video e switcher. Progettato per l’impiego in film e per il video professionale, utilizza le tecnologie video più recenti disponibili. Shogun 7 presenta uno schermo HDR davvero rivoluzionario, il migliore di qualsiasi monitor di produzione ⟳ continue…

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Shogun 7- Atomos just revolutionised the industry with the first true HDR 7″ monitor/recorder

By noreply@redsharknews.com (David Shapton)

Shogun 7- Atomos just revolutionised the industry with the first true HDR 7

The new Shogun 7 is the company’s first absolutely true HDR display/recorder, and that’s not the only trick up its sleeve. This is another game changer.

  • Atomos Shogun 7
  • HDR
  • 4K
  • switcher
  • 7
  • Dolby vision

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