Forrest Gump

The 10 Biggest Oscar Best Picture Snubs

By Scott Mattner

Every year, since 1929, Hollywood has picked one quintessential movie of the year. Some years the choice is quite obvious. Movies like Gone With the Wind, Ben-Hur and Titanic were all major achievements that galvanized the public, the year they were made.

While most of the time, Oscar gets it right, there have been some years when Oscar has completely surprised us. Sometimes, there are more than one really great movie that year, and it comes down to what seems like a coin toss. However, there have been some years when Oscar just flat-out gets it wrong. For whatever reason, the movie that is crowned best picture is actually far from it.

This list, is compiled of the worst of those decisions. These are the movies that should have won, but for whatever reason they were looked over for other, lesser, films. Some of these films are less popular than the inevitable winner, some are deemed too controversial, and some just may not have even been seen by enough voters.

Whatever the reason, these are the movies that should have won, and the underwhelming, over-rated movies that stole their prize. I’ve ranked the films from least to most shocking.

10. Pulp Fiction
Movie That Won: Forrest Gump

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction (1994)

To be honest, it really was no surprise, come Oscar night, that Forrest Gump took home the big prize. It had, after all, taken home every other major award up to this point. Still, that doesn’t make it the right choice. And it damn sure doesn’t make it the best film of 1994.

That honor belongs to Pulp Fiction. A refreshing cinematic shot of adrenaline that broke all the rules and changed the face of cinema. Maybe the problem was that it was just too → continue…

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