PODCAST: Shooting A Narrative Feature Film In 9 Days With Cinematographer Matteo Bertoli

By Noam Kroll

In this episode, I sit down with Matteo Bertoli – the incredibly talented DP who shot my latest feature film White Crow. Despite working under tremendous time constraints, Matteo, myself, and the rest of our team were able to shoot nearly 90 pages of script in only 9 days. Over ⟳ continue…

From:: Noam Kroll

SUNDANCE 2019: Spotlight on Tarin Anderson

By Graham Sheldon

Corporate Animals is a horror/comedy in the vein of The Office, but with a healthy dose of cannibalism. The majority of the film takes place in a cave (built on a soundstage) which led to a few challenges that DP, Tarin Anderson, was happy to tackle. We asked Tarin how ⟳ continue…

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How to Become a Sundance Worthy Documentary Cinematographer

By Jon Fusco

The best kit for beginners and the best tricks for lighting like a legend.

The documentary cinematographer is a special kind of cinematographer. Whereas in narrative, the role is more defined, DP’s of the more truthful persuasion may find themselves piling on more hats than their fiction bound counterparts. Take it ⟳ continue…

From:: No Film School

“I’m Often Filming in Dusty, Dirty or Wet Places, and Changing Lenses Would be Difficult and Risky”: Director/DP Kim Longinotto on Shooting the Mafia

By Filmmaker Staff

One of the UK’s most acclaimed documentarians, Kim Longinotto has been working steadily since 1976, serving as her own DP the whole time. Unusually for Longinotto, who favors a direct cinema, observational approach, her latest is an archival-based film, examining the life and work of Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, famed ⟳ continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine

SUNDANCE 2019: Meet DP Nate Miller, “Paddleton”

By Graham Sheldon

The compelling dramedy Paddleton, starring Ray Romano and Mark Duplass premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2019 in the premiere category. The film is part of a four-picture deal between Duplass and Netflix. We discussed the cinematography behind the film with DP, Nate Miller.

Image Credit: Netflix

DP: Nate M. ⟳ continue…

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SUNDANCE 2019: Spotlight on DP Patrick Sheehan, “Always in Season”

By Rin Ehlers Sheldon

The feasting has commenced at this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. We care about what went into the films to get them into this arena, so we’re going straight to the filmmakers to find out. Here’s a look at Patrick Sheehan’s work as the DP of ⟳ continue…

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