ARRI WVR-1s Compact Video Receiver Announced

By Jakub Han

ARRI expands its Wireless video system (WVS) range with a compact video receiver ARRI WVR-1s. It features integrated antennas, robust aluminium casing and range of up to 150 meters (500 feet). It was designed especially for hand-held applications like rigs for focus pullers and directors.

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ARRI Announces WVR-1s Small Video Receiver

By Staff

In a joint statement with ARRI, Vitec – with its brand Teradek the market leader in wireless video transmission systems for the motion picture industry – declares its continued commitment to the ARRI WVS product line, which is being expanded with its latest addition, the ARRI WVR-1s. A smaller, lighter-weight ⟳ continue…

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ARRI WVR-1s Small Video Receiver

By Jon Fauer

ARRI WVR-1s Small Video Receiver The new WVR-1s from ARRI is a smaller, lighter Wireless Video Receiver. The WVR-1s is part of ARRI’s WVS family of integrated (in-camera) and standalone transmitters, receivers, monitors and associated accessories. The WVR-1s is smaller and lighter than ARRI’s WVR-1 receiver. It will be at ⟳ continue…

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