How AI is helping to make the best classic TV series restorations

By (Phil Rhodes)

How AI is helping to make the best classic TV series restorations

Restoring a classic series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, is far from easy. But that’s exactly what one fan set out to do, with the help of AI based software.

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    From:: RedShark News

    NVIDIA Research project uses AI to instantly turn drawings into photorealistic images

    NVIDIA Research has demonstrated GauGAN, a deep learning model that converts simple doodles into photorealistic images. The tool crafts images nearly instantaneously, and can intelligently adjust elements within images, such as adding reflections to a body of water when trees or mountains are placed near ⟳ continue…

    From:: DPreview

    The next revolution in video will come from AI

    By (David Shapton)

    AI assistance has made real time raytracing possible, Could it do the same for pixel-free video encoding?

    Nvidia wowed people last year with its real time AI assisted raytracing demos. But could similar AI techniques make real-time pixel-free video encoding a reality, too?

    • AI
    • Vector video
    • Pixels
    • 8K
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      From:: RedShark News

      Researchers launch, a free web app that colorizes B&W images using AI

      Engineers with GovTech Singapore’s Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division have launched a website called that uses deep learning AI to colorize black and white images. The website doesn’t require any technical skills from the user and is free to use. ⟳ continue…

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      AI has a fundamental flaw. It isn’t human

      OBSBOT Tail Self-Tracking AI Camera Review

      By Matthew Allard ACS

      The OBSBOT Tail is an AI camera that has the ability to track and record a subject without you having to do anything. A self-tracking camera can be used for a wide variety of applications. It’s important to note that the unit I am reviewing is not the shipping version, ⟳ continue…

      From:: News Shooter

      Skylum announces development of AirMagic drone imaging software

      Skylum software, the company behind the Luminar and Aurora HDR applications has announced it is developing a dedicated software for enhancement of aerial images captured with drones.

      The application for Windows and Mac will be called AirMagic and is AI powered “to transform photos made with ⟳ continue…

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