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10 Average Movies Made Incredible By Their Endings

By Matthew Goodrich

The Life Of David Gale (2003)

It’s a crying shame when a film has all the makings of a masterpiece, only to fall apart in its final moments. But what of the opposite? What of those films that appear backed to the corner of the ring? What of those films that, at the final desperate breath, ⟳ continue…

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The AG-CX350: Panasonic’s astonishingly capable new camera

By (Ned Soltz)

The AG-CX350: Panasonic's astonishingly capable new camera

Panasonic’s surprise new all-in-one 4K camcorder is packed with an impressive array of features, including 10-bit recording at all resolutions and framerates. Read on for the full details!

  • Panasonic CX350
  • 1
  • CMOS
  • 4K
  • UHD
  • Camcorder

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    Discover Cinema-Quality Royalty-Free Music with Masterworks

    By PremiumBeat As a busy storyteller, you don’t always have time to listen to thousands of music tracks to find the perfect royalty-free music for your video project. Over … ⟳ continue…

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    THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB: VFX Breakdown by Pixomondo

    By Vincent Frei

    Come have a look at how Pixomondo enhanced the various stunts and locations for THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB:

    Pixomondo: Dedicated page about THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB on Pixomondo website.
    Christoph Schmidt: My interview ⟳ continue…

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    Those are the camera market shares for the year 2018 in Japan

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    The image on top shows the full power of the Canon machinery. With their new M50 and EOS-R cameras they made a +10% jump on the Japanese market. Sony had a small increase of 2% and is no getting closer to the second place. I bet in 2019 those shares ⟳ continue…

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    By Vincent Frei

    Epic trailer for the Chinese sci-fi movie, THE WANDERING EARTH!

    The VFX are made by:
    Base FX (VFX Supervisor: Varun Hadkar)
    Bottleship VFX
    More VFX

    Director: Frant Gwo
    Release Date: 05 February 2019 (China)

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    Jan Sewell Supervises Bohemian Rhapsody’s Makeup

    By Scott Essman

    When makeup supervisor and department head Jan Sewell was first offered Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek had already been cast in the role of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer, Freddie Mercury, so she began the project by concentrating on looks for him. “I thought Rami was a really good bet ⟳ continue…

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    Sony has released a new firmware update for the 16-35mm GM lens

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    16-35mm GM owner can download the latest firmware at Sony Support. It has one single fix: Solves a rare issue where some SEL1635GM lenses are not properly initialised when used with ILCE-7M3 or ILCE-7RM3 cameras — Deal reminder on this lens: EU readers save quite big on the 16-35mm ⟳ continue…

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    The counter-drone industry is booming

    By Matthew Allard ACS

    The counter-drone industry is booming following the recent events at Gatwick Airport, whereby a drone or multiple drones (this is yet to be proven) shut down all air traffic at…

    The post The counter-drone industry is booming appeared first on Newsshooter.

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    10 of The Most Powerful Uses of Music in Cinema

    By Ifan Davies

    Music has the tremendous ability of evoking feeling from within our innermost depths. It can induce longing, passion, and strength. It can even defy articulation. Ludwig Van Beethoven famously expressed that ‘music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.’

    Music is uniquely visceral. Whereas much of cinema’s arsenal ⟳ continue…

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    The BSC announces the 2018 Nominations

    Ghostbusters Reboot Has a Director, What About Its Cast (and Gender)

    By George Edelman

    Is Jason Reitman, son of original Ghostbusters Director/Producer Ivan Reitman, here to right the ship?

    When a valuable franchise falters oftentimes changes are made, and new voices are brought in. What we’ll watch closely here is if, in the instance of Ghostbusters, the decision to move forward with an all-female ⟳ continue…

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    Panoram app will split your panoramas up for easy posting to Instagram Stories

    There are countless apps capable of splitting up a panorama photo so it can be put side by side into an Instagram post, but Panoram appears to be one of the first apps to offer this sort of capability for Instagram/Facebook Stories (or Snapchat).

    <table ⟳ continue…

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    Create Beautiful and Realistic Animations with Google Earth Studio

    By Jason Boone

    Explore and capture amazing videos of Earth without ever leaving your office.

    You’ve probably already seen Google Earth animations in documentaries or on the news. These videos are generally created with Google Earth and then captured via screen-recording software. With Google’s new Earth Studio web application, users now have ⟳ continue…

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    3 Things Kurosawa’s ‘High and Low’ Can Teach You about Blocking

    By V Renée

    Akira Kurosawa was a master filmmaker, especially when it came to blocking.

    Once hand-held cameras became all the rage, once in the early 1920s and again in the late 1950s, camera movement became an art form in and of itself. No longer did filmmakers have to bow down to the metallic ⟳ continue…

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