KineOS 6.2 Firmware for the MAVO & MAVO LF

By Matthew Allard ACS

Kinefinity has released KineOS 6.2 Firmware for the MAVO & MAVO LF. The new firmware enables the side screen function to display key parameters and adds the 3K/4K outputs oversampled from 6K open gate. This has been done primarily to make the 3:2 open gate shooting mode more economical and ⟳ continue…

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Kinefinity release the KineEVF – Micro OLED 1080p for Terra/Mavo

By Newsshooter

Kinefinity has announced the new KineEVF (Kinefinity Viewfinder) for their cameras which will be shipping in June. The new viewfinder features a micro-OLED 1080p display which Kinefinity claims will deliver accurate and sharp picture quality with 16 million colors. The EVF connects via a single KineMon MOCO cable to deliver ⟳ continue…

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10 Great Horror Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

By Shane Scott-Travis

George C. Scott as “John Russell” – The Changeling

Perhaps like no other genre, and not altogether without good reason, horror has taken a critical drubbing of unprecedented proportions. Sure, transgressive cinema deserves a degree of skepticism and standoffishness. They can be brutal, nasty, and nonconforming. The genre has had its share of misogyny and violent extremity, but it’s ⟳ continue…

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All Roads Lead to CVP

By Jon Fauer

CVP has been doing business for 30 years in the United Kingdom and Europe. Now they have opened a veritable playground for camera crews in a unique showroom in Newman Street, London. Their CVP Fitzrovia townhouse is called CVP Creative Experience and has five floors of production equipment from major ⟳ continue…

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My Minimalist Post-Production Setup, Designed To Enhance Creative Output

By Noam Kroll

People often ask me about my post-production setup, which has changed dramatically over the past few years. What once started out as an elaborate layout with 4 monitors, control panels and daisy-chained peripherals, has evolved into an extremely minimalist setup with only the bare essentials. But getting to this point ⟳ continue…

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We need much faster, and cheaper computers to handle the video of the future

Vinten FH-155 robotic/manual pan-and-tilt head

By Matthew Allard ACS

Vinten has introduced its new FH-155, a robotic/manual pan-and-tilt head designed to support heavy payloads in modern broadcast studio settings. With a maximum payload capacity of 70 kilograms (155 pounds), the FH-155 is able to provide accurate, smooth, and quiet movements. In addition, the FH-155 is the industry’s first pan-and-tilt ⟳ continue…

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19th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival Honors Iconic Hollywood Producer Mike Medavoy with Legends Award

By HeatherBurgett


The 19th Annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival (BHFF) is proud to announce that it will honor iconic Hollywood film veteran and producer Mike Medavoy (“Black Swan,” “Zodiac,” “Miss Potter,” “Shutter Island”) with its Legends Award at…

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Cooke Lands in America

By Kelsey As of April 1st 2019, ZGC is now Cooke Americas (and no it is not an April Fool’s joke). Nothing much will change apart from the name. Same great people, products, and authorized service. The switch is another part of Cooke’s ongoing commitment to worldwide service and support. Visit Cooke ⟳ continue…

From:: Matthew Duclos

Canon launches four new 4K / 30p professional camcorders in XA range

Canon XA55

Canon has added four new models to its XA range of professional camcorders updating the series to include its first models capable of 4K / 30p recording: the XA55, XA50, XA45 and XA40.

All four of the cameras are aimed at professional news, ⟳ continue…

From:: DPreview

MTI Film to Showcase New CORTEX Products at NAB

By Artisans PR


At NAB 2019, MTI Film will present the latest advancements to CORTEX, its industry-leading family of solutions for managing media from the set to the screen. The company will demonstrate a new version of its CORTEX software (v5.2), which includes HDMI tunneling for Dolby Vision™ on high-end…

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International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019: “The Spying Thing”

By Darren Hughes

In his introduction to “The Spying Thing,” a 20-title selection of espionage films that he curated with Gustavo Beck, long-time IFFR programmer Gerwin Tamsma goes back to the deep well of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954) and finds in it a timely new metaphor. Jimmy Stewart’s wheelchair-bound peeping tom is ⟳ continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine

ZGC is now Cooke Americas

By Olivia Gleichauf

ZGC has announced that it is now Cooke Americas. Access to the same people, products and authorized service, just under a new name, as a part of Cooke’s ongoing commitment to worldwide service and support. New services offered include ShotOnCooke, a motion gallery for users to showcase the art they ⟳ continue…

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Review: Canon EOS RP

By Canon Rumors Keith over at Northlight Images has completed his thorough review of the Canon EOS RP. I like reviews in which the reviewer is a working … ⟳ continue…

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Dalet Releases AI-Driven Media Cortex SaaS Platform

By Bryant Frazer

Dalet has released Media Cortex, an AI-driven software-as-a-service platform that automates metadata generation, caption creation, and other services and debuts what the company described as “smart assistants” for editors and creatives.

At NAB 2019, Dalet said, it expects to demo automatic indexing and classification services including speech-to-text, natural language processing and ⟳ continue…

From:: Studio Daily

NAB 2019: Cinamaker Nominated for Product of the Year Award

By Olivia Gleichauf

Cinamaker, the iPad-based Video Production Platform that allows anyone to successfully produce and live stream professional-grade videos, will launch version 2.5 of its time-saving App with “Live-Edit” feature. The announcement will take place at the NAB show in Las Vegas on April 8, 2019 at the Cinemaker Booth #SU10510.Cinemaker’s newest ⟳ continue…

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This online tool calculates the “exposure” you should demand when being asked to work for free

Many photographers (and other creatives) know the situation very well: you’re offered a freelance job but once the conversation turns to remuneration it becomes clear that there won’t be any hard cash but instead you’re expected to accept ‘exposure’ in some vague shape or form as payment.

Problem is, ⟳ continue…

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PBS Adopts Spec to Streamline HD Delivery

By Tom Butts TORONTO, ON–PBS is adopting a technical specification that will help the network standardize on an HD delivery format for contributed content from North American programmers. The specification, AMWA AS-11 X9: MXF Program Contribution – NABA DPP HD (AVC) was developed by the U.K.-based group …

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From:: TV Technology

Former Snell CEO to Lead The Switch

By Michael Balderston NEW YORK—Eric Cooney, who has held the position of CEO three previous times in his career, most notably with Snell Advanced Media, will once again carry the title, as cloud services provider The Switch has announced him as its new president and CEO, effective immediately. Cooney replaces Keith …

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THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY: Everett Burrell – Overall VFX Supervisor

By Vincent Frei

Everett Burrell began his career in visual effects in 1993 on BABYLON 5. He then worked on many films such as BLADE, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN and THE PASSION ⟳ continue…

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