The 15 Best Glenn Close Movie Performances

By Mansur Zeynalov

Glenn Close is often considered to be one of the greatest American actresses of her generation. Not just on film, but also on television (three Emmy wins) and on stage (three Tony wins). In fact, she was more recently known on television, but Close got a great movie role again ⟳ continue…

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Remarkable tilt-shift video uses old technique to make a compelling film

By (David Shapton)

Albania Tilt Shift screengrab

Tilt Shift is a rather niche technique but when it’s used effectively the result can be magical, as it is here, in this film shot in the little known European country of Albania

  • Time Lapse
  • Tilt Shift
  • gh4
  • Albania
  • timelapse

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    SXSW: Augmented Reality and the Importance of Context

    By Jo Light

    How important is context in augmented reality?

    Mandy Mandelstein of Modular(a) spoke at SXSW this morning about the impact of context and emerging technologies in augmented reality, particularly as a storytelling method.

    Mandelstein calls herself a “narrative technologist” and explained both the tech side and the narrative potential of AR. She referred ⟳ continue…

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    Eight Movies You Should Get Excited About at SXSW 2019

    By Jon Fusco

    Keep these films on your radar.

    Today marks the first day of Austin’s very own SXSW, a film festival that, like, really strives to keep things weird, man. One thing we love about SXSW every year is the consistent programming of diverse films across the board, and 2019 is no ⟳ continue…

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    SPIDER-MAN – INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE: Animation Making of by Sony Pictures Imageworks

    By Vincent Frei

    New making of by Sony Pictures Imageworks focusing this time about the animation work on SPIDER-MAN – INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE:

    © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2019

    The post SPIDER-MAN – ⟳ continue…

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    Filmmaking Insights from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Message for Young People

    By Jourdan Aldredge

    The acclaimed film director of ‘Stalker’ waxes poetic on loneliness, boredom and self-esteem.

    For all the lonely cinephiles and burgeoning auteur filmmakers out there in the world, Andrei Tarkovsky is truly the patron saint of waxing poetic. There might not be a more Tarkovskian scene than this clip of young Andrei ⟳ continue…

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    ‘Captain Marvel’ Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck Break Down a Scene

    By Erik Luers

    ‘Captain Marvel’ is now in theaters.

    We’re not breaking much news when we announce that Captain Marvel, the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is currently in theaters and will most likely break all kinds of box office records this weekend.

    Just how was the film put together? Well, ⟳ continue…

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    The Michael Jackson Popcorn GIF and the Controversy of ‘Leaving Neverland’

    By Jourdan Aldredge

    Exploring the one GIF that perfectly sums up this entire dumpster fire of a debate.

    If you’ve ever interneted, you’ve seen the GIF in question. The infamous “Popcorn” GIF as its known in some circles has long been used to express impending excitement for an upcoming online debate or argument. Often ⟳ continue…

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    Hipster offended after mistaking himself for hipster in study about lookalike hipsters

    Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-Chief of MIT Technology Review, recounted a hilarious story of mistaken identity on Twitter this week. According to Lichfield, the publication received an angry email from a man who accused the site of using his portrait without permission to illustrate ⟳ continue…

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    “I’m Really Interested in Expanding What We Call ‘Political Cinema’”: Brett Story on The Hottest August

    By Vadim Rizov

    Where Brett Story’s previous feature, The Prison in Twelve Landscapes, interrogated the US’s carceral system in twelve formally and thematically distinct segments, her new film The Hottest August approaches climate change, in its broadest sense, through a freeflowing diaristic chronicle of a summer month. Over August of 2017, Story and ⟳ continue…

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    Weekly Motivation: What Have You Done Today to Make Your Dream Come True?

    By Alex Ferrari

    Weekly Motivation: What Have You Done Today to Make Your Dream Come True? Every week I’ll be posting new videos as part of my Weekly Motivation Series to help the #IFHTribe along their filmmaking or screenwriting path. We all need some help, guidance, motivation or inspiration on our long journey ⟳ continue…

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    Hands-On Review: the Yeti Nano from Blue Microphones

    By Jason Boone Lighten the load with this little Yeti Nano-beast. Made for the wild, it is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and travel-worthy. ⟳ continue…

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    Preorders for Skylum AirMagic are now live

    By Canon Rumors Skylum Software’s latest software AirMagic is now available for preorder, and there are lots of bonus goodies for everyone that preorders. Bonuses: Drone photography eBook … ⟳ continue…

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    Sony Xperia 1 – The Smartphone That Met The Sony Venice

    By Jeff Loch


    At MWC 2019, Sony just announced a couple of new smartphones including the new Sony Xperia 1. For the first time, the Sony Mobile team worked together with the Sony Alpha, Sony Bravia, and Sony CineAlta teams. The result is an impressive smartphone furnished with a three lenses camera, and ⟳ continue…

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    GimbalGun aims to spread the load for videographers

    If you find your biceps bursting through the arm of your shirt at the end of a day’s video shoot you might be glad of something to make your gimbal feel a little less heavy. A project about to be launched on Kickstarter claims to ⟳ continue…

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