The Importance of Lenses in Cinematography

By Sergio Cavalieri How do lenses contribute to storytelling, camera angles and movement? ⟳ continue…

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When It’s Time To Change A Business Or Nonprofit’s Name

By philcooke Google was originally named “Backrub.” Best Buy began as “Sound of Music.” Sony was originally “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo.” Nike started out as “Blue Ribbon Sports.” Sometimes the need to change a organization’s name is obvious, but more often, leaders feel the desire, but can’t always put their finger on a ⟳ continue…

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The Focal Lengths and Lenses used by Great Directors

By Sareesh Sudhakaran In this page I’m collating famous directors and the focal lengths they preferred. As and when I get new information, I’ll keep updating this list. Here’s the video I made on the focal lengths and lenses used by 19 great directors: Important: Information is either hearsay, guesses and some plain ⟳ continue…

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Moza Air 2 Gimbal Review

By Matthew Allard ACS

The Moza Air 2 gimbal is the follow up to the Moza Air which was released in 2017. The Air 2 has been upgraded over the previous version with newly…

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Can you really make music from extreme sports sounds? These guys did, and the results are fantastic.

By (Simon Wyndham)

Can you really make music from extreme sports sounds? These guys did, and the results are fantastic.

Shure Microphones experiment to see if music can be created from extreme sports sounds shows that the only limit to creativity is your imagination.

  • Music
  • Samples
  • audio recording
  • Shure MV88
  • Red Bull

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    Cinematography Oscar during Commercial Break?

    By Jon Fauer

    At the ASC Awards on Saturday, I thought someone was joking when he mentioned that the Oscar for Best Cinematography would be presented during a commercial break. Alas, it is true: “We [The Academy] believe we have come up with a great way to do this, and keep the show ⟳ continue…

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    Motion Picture Sound Editors Announces Presenters for the 66th MPSE Golden Reel Awards

    By Artisans PR


    Presenters for the 66th MPSE Golden Reel Awards will include four-time Academy Award-nominee Michael Mann, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producer Christopher Miller and producer/co-writer Phil Lord, and actors Edward James Olmos, Libe Barer (Sneaky

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    Justin Theroux explains ‘The Leftovers’ Ambiguous Ending

    By Jason Hellerman

    We have 2% of the answers. Now we want the other 98% of them.

    It’s been two years since The Leftovers disappeared from television and I have a massive hole in my heart. The show that Quartz said was “Encapsulating the essence of what it currently feels like to be ⟳ continue…

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    How to Create YouTube Content That People Respond To

    By George Edelman

    Matt Gielen at Tubefilter has done amazing research to help you reach your YouTube goals.

    He’s calling it the Taxonomy of Digital Video, and it’s a great deep dive on how to start better developing content for YouTube that actually can connect to audiences.

    The best part? It’s grounded in ⟳ continue…

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    DJI brings its Geospatial Environment Online 2.0 system to airports in 32 European countries

    DJI has launched its Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) 2.0 system in 32 European countries, the company has announced. Under this expansion, DJI has brought its more advanced bow tie-shaped runway safety zones as a replacement for its previous circle-based geofences. The drone company has tapped ⟳ continue…

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    ICG Publicists Debut The Henri Bollinger Award for Exceptional Merit in the Field of Entertainment

    By weissmanmarkovitzcomm


    The International Cinematographers Guild Publicists (ICG, IATSE Local 600) will debut its new award The Henri Bollinger Award at the 56th annual International Cinematographers Guild’s Publicists Awards Luncheon on February 22 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, it was announced by…

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    Canon quietly released firmware update for the EOS R

    It appears Canon has managed to sneak one past us here at DPReview with the quiet release of firmware version 1.1.0 for its Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera on January 25th, 2019.

    The first firmware update for its first full-frame Mirrorless Camera, firmware version ⟳ continue…

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    NAB Show to Debut Birds of a Feather Program

    By Michael Balderston WASHINGTON—With the goal of bringing the cinematic community together to encourage collaboration and innovation, the NAB Show will host its inaugural Birds of a Feather (BoF) education and networking programming during this year’s convention. BoF is designed as a series of eight themed, hosted, …

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    Back from the dead? 8 reasons why I am warming to the tiny Canon EOS RP

    By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

    Comment on this article at the EOSHD Forum

    Comment on the forum Like the scene in Carrie where her dead hand violently springs from the grave, below the stone which marks CANON EOS RIP a more generous hand is about to protrude. Call it a handshake from the undead (zombie ⟳ continue…

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    Chesapeake Announces Relaunch of “The Workflow Show” Podcast

    By ignite strategic communications


    “The Workflow Show,” the popular podcast produced by Chesapeake Systems, returns this week with a new season of informative episodes discussing the trends and technology driving the evolution of advanced media workflows and asset management. Hosted by Chesapeake’s…

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