How Urban Churches Can Reach Thousands of People Within Walking Distance

By philcooke

Many urban churches are literally surrounded by high rise apartments and condos – to the point that there could be tens of thousands of people just a stone’s throw from your front door. Recently, I was interviewed by two religious leaders of traditional, urban houses of worship in downtown Los ⟳ continue…

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Make sure you don’t begin adventure filming before reading our essential guide first

How to Shoot on an All-White Background in 60 Square Feet of Space

By V Renée

You don’t need a professional studio to shoot footage on an all-white background.

What’s one thing that many no-budget filmmakers don’t have—other than money and connections and time and top-of-the-line cine gear? Space. That’s right!

If you’re like me, you don’t have access to a professional studio equipped with lights, backgrounds, and ⟳ continue…

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This Stunning Timelapse Shows a Single Cell Transform into a Newt

By V Renée

For 6 unforgettable minutes, watch how a single-cell zygote multiplies and transforms into an amphibious alpine newt.

Timelapses are fun to watch and fun to shoot, but the technique never captures our attention more than when it embraces and demonstrates its most unique superpower: depicting change through the passage of time.

Sure, ⟳ continue…

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CineStill launches powdered versions of its B&W and color film development kits

CineStill has released powder-based versions of its Df96 monochrome and C-41 color film development kits. The new kits only require a bit of distilled water to bring them to life and make both storing and shipping easier for both retailers and consumers.

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Fujifilm announces FW 3.0 for X-T3 coming in April: Improved AF and face/eye detection

At its X-Summit event in Dubai, Fujifilm announced a major firmware update for the X-T3, coming in April. Firmware 3.0 will bring improvements to Eye-AF, and should provide faster AF tracking performance and face detection. Face selection will be added, and ‘touch operability’ will also ⟳ continue…

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EXCLUSIVE: Hands-on with upcoming Fujifilm XF and GF lenses

Hands-on with upcoming Fujifilm XF and GF lenses

We’re in Dubai, where Fujifilm is showing off pre-production and prototype samples of three upcoming lenses – the GF 50mm F3.5 – a compact, lightweight standard lens for medium format – the XF 16mm F2.8, and ⟳ continue…

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The 10 Most Heartbreaking Scenes in Romantic Movies

By Alyssa Trumm

Ah, love. The mingling of two, sometimes multiple, minds and bodies. A state of hypnotic affection and desire directed at the aware and unaware. It can cross paths with any person of any age at any time. With love, of course, comes the mystery and excitement of romance.

The gestures ⟳ continue…

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CIPA 2018 data shows camera shipments shrunk 22%. Forecast says market will fall 13% in 2019

By SonyAlpha Admin

“Abandon hope all ye who enter here” is the supposed inscription at the entrance to Hell (Divina Commedia – Dante Alighieri). And all camera manufacturers must feel the same right now: The latest CIPA data certifies that camera unit shipments fell 22% this year. And the forecast is that it ⟳ continue…

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10 Great Movies Unfairly Hated By Many

By Reece Beckett


It’s almost always more interesting to see a film divide audiences than it is to see a film either adored by most or hated by most, but what is even more interesting is when you go into a film that many have warned you not to see… and end up ⟳ continue…

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The 10 Worst Roger Ebert Movie Reviews

By Jack Nilan

I think Roger Ebert is the best movie reviewer that we have ever had. There have been some other great ones but to me Roger stands out above the rest. I grew up watching Sneak Previews and would seek out the movies that Roger and his partner, Gene Siskel touted. ⟳ continue…

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The 15 Best Movies About Amour Fou

By Shane Scott-Travis


It’s almost Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean that film lovers need to get gushy and overly sentimental when it comes to romantic cinema. One of the most moving and exciting subjects of love-driven movies orbit around the idea of amour fou –– mad love. When love gets dangerous or ⟳ continue…

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This week SAR readers photos selection

By Mauro P

Che Abu Bakar Victorian Rhapsody Inframe I Lauren (Jakarta, Indonesia) Gear | Sony A9 | Metabones Canon EF to E mount Mark V I Lens Canon EF 85mm f1.2 | 1/5000 f1.3 ISO 100 1) You can submit one single picture per week only. 2) To submit your picture for ⟳ continue…

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Supplement: The Cinematography of Nestor Almendros

By Sareesh Sudhakaran I go through some of his cinematography lighting and camera techniques to help you understand his unique style. ⟳ continue…

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