Glidecam HD-Pro Now Shipping

By Newsshooter

The newest Glidecam model, the HD-Pro stabilizer is now shipping (It was first announced back in April 2018, during NAB). It replaces all of the previous HD-1000, HD-2000, HD-4000 models,…

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Learn the Fundamentals of Professional Beauty Lighting

By V Renée

These tips will help you be prepared to take on the challenge of beauty and fashion lighting.

If there’s one thing that the fashion industry is known for, it’s beauty. As a cinematographer who wants to work for clients in that arena, you’ll have to know how to create it with ⟳ continue…

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How to Create Nasty Severed Limbs in After Effects

By V Renée

Need to blow off an arm, sever a finger, or decapitate a head for your film? This tutorial will show you how.

Bloody, gory, and disgusting special and visual effects aren’t just fun to include in your films, they’re also fun to create. If your project calls for some recently and ⟳ continue…

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4 Factors of Depth of Field That You Should Know About

By V Renée

This 4-minute primer will take the guesswork out of achieving different depths of field.

The area of an image in which elements are sharply in focus is known as depth of field and it can be used in many ways to make your shots look and feel the way you want ⟳ continue…

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BSC Expo 2019

By Jon Fauer

BSC Expo in London was the best ever. More than 5500 visitors gathered in the Battersea Park Evolution exposition space on Feb 1-2. If there was a theme, it was full frame and large format lenses. Panavision had 11 or 12 series of large format sphericals and anamorphics at their ⟳ continue…

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Visual Effects Society Awards Winners

By Staff

The Visual Effects Society announced the winners at their annual VES Awards ceremony on February 5, 2019 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. The VES Awards recognizes and honors the most outstanding visual effects work of the year and honors the artists who created them. The artistry, ingenuity ⟳ continue…

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Glidecam Industries, Inc. Announces the Glidecam HD-PRO

By Staff

For the past twenty-five years the Glidecam HD-PRO has represented the most affordable and full featured hand-held camera stabilizer the Glidecam Industries, Inc. has ever offered. Machined and forged with the operator in mind, the Glidecam HD-PRO delivers the state-of-the-art sophistication and design that the company is famous for. With ⟳ continue…

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Art Directors Guild’s New Renaissance Moves Downtown

By Mark London Williams

It was a busy week in the February-long run-up to the Oscars, with the Directors Guild of America and the Art Directors Guild sharing not only initials, but awards ceremonies on the same weekend. While most of these shows remain in familiar venues for years on end, it was the ⟳ continue…

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DPReview TV: Panasonic S1R preview from Barcelona

What do you get when you send two crazy Canadians to Barcelona, Spain, and turn them loose with Panasonic’s first full frame camera? A Panasonic S1R hands-on preview with a nod to a Woody Allen film, that’s what. Only cinema at its finest here on ⟳ continue…

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10 Great Movie Directors Whose Styles Can’t Be Imitated

By Marillie Damoulianou

best jean luc godard films

“To me style is just the outside of content, and content the inside of style, like the outside and the inside of the human body‒ both go together, they can’t be separated,” Jean-Luc Godard has said. Indeed, style is the parameter that translates ideas into art. It really represents the ⟳ continue…

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Sundance 2019: Awards Night

By Rin Ehlers Sheldon

As is the case every year, the second Saturday of the Sundance Film Festival ended in a highly anticipated awards ceremony. With acquisitions and career futures on the line, the stakes don’t get much higher. Yet, in the spirit of the Sundance Institute, the atmosphere of the festivities ⟳ continue…

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10 Terrible Actors Who Won The Hollywood Lottery

By Spandan Banerjee

There is a feeling often conveyed in retrospection by the Hollywood A-listers of the Tinseltown, that Hollywood was just like a normal place of employment for them, nothing more than that.

It is disheartening to hear that it was just a matter of great luck for them to enter the ⟳ continue…

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The 10 Best Movies Nominated for Best Picture in The Past 10 Years

By Redmond Bacon

This year’s Oscar ceremony will be the last of the 2010s. The past decade has seen many innovations in storytelling, technical prowess and diversity. While the Oscars cannot claim to be at the forefront of these innovations, the Best Picture awards paints a fairly good picture as to what direction ⟳ continue…

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Something very new from Fuji worth to be seen: Modular medium format camera concept!

By SonyAlpha Admin

A couple of months ago Sony stated that they have no interest yet in going medium format. But the day they decide to do it I hope they will do something very similar to what Fuj is planning to do. Fujirumors spotted these prototype images showing a sort of Sony ⟳ continue…

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