Canon’s New Year Open House Recap

By kelseydl On January 15th, Canon Burbank held their New Year Open House featuring Duclos Lenses. Patrons were able to explore the complete Cinema EOS line-up and get hands-on experience with Canon cinema cameras and lenses in the various Canon Burbank test facilities, theater, and showroom. Brand new Canon CN-E 20mm footage ⟳ continue…

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Women’s Advocacy Group WeForShe Announces 5th Annual WriteHer List

By SPW Editor


WeForShe – a woman’s advocacy group focused on creating practical ways to establish more gender equality in television – today announced its 2019 WriteHer List. The fifth annual list features scripts curated from hundreds of nominations by network and studio execs, showrunners, producers and…

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Technology has turned journalism completely on its head

By (Simon Wyndham)

Technology has turned journalism completely on its head

Technology has turned journalism upside down, but at the same time it has brought back an immediacy that really does put the story first.

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    New Short Hotswap Shark-Fin Adapter Battery Plates from Core SWX

    By Newsshooter

    Core SWX has released new Shark-Fin adapter plates which allow you to use two batteries at once for longer runtimes. The GP-TS-SFF V-mount Shark-Fin Adaptor Plate Shark-Fin adapters have been…

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    6 Great Paul Schrader Quotes From His Vulture Interview

    By Jason Hellerman

    Paul Schrader, ayahuasca, and rock music? Sign me up…

    We’ve all read boring interviews with our favorite filmmakers. Most of the questions are standard and feel carefully guided by both sides PR teams. Well, Vulture decided that was all crap, so they got Paul Schrader together with one of his ⟳ continue…

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    New York Festivals Advertising Awards Announces Confirmed 2019 Executive Jury Members

    By admin


    New York Festivals® Advertising Awards announced the first 19 members of the elite 2019 NYF Executive Jury.

    These prominent Chief Creative Officers and Executive Creative Directors from…

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    Campari Launches New Short Movie, Entering Red, Directed By Matteo Garrone, Starring Ana De Armas

    By admin


    Campari, the iconic Italian aperitif, unveils the latest in the Red Diaries series – the enigmatic and enticing short film, Entering Red. Remaining true to Campari’s mantra that every cocktail tells a story, this…

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    Sundance 2019: Midnight Traveler, Midnight Family

    By Vadim Rizov

    Let’s talk about empathy and documentary for a moment. A few years ago, during a slack midday period, a pair of young men made me an offer: $10 for 20 minutes of my time. This seemed fair, so I entered a small room and put on my very first VR ⟳ continue…

    From:: Filmmaker Magazine

    How ‘Groundhog Day’ Forces Its Protagonist to Change

    By Jon Fusco

    The screenplay is a textbook example of how to build a character arc.

    As Russian Doll mania sweeps over through the United States (Check out our analysis here), it’s a good time to revisit one of its biggest influences: Harold Ramis’ beloved 1993 comedy Groundhog Day. Oft replicated as of late, ⟳ continue…

    From:: No Film School

    Pai: Repack Work ‘Ahead of Schedule’

    By Tom Butts GRAPEVINE, Texas—FCC Chairman Pai gave a progress report about the channel repack, touting “great progress” since work began in April 2017. He added that the transition—which involves channel and/or location changes for approximately 1,000 full-power and Class A television broadcasters and about …

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    Chinese satellite captures image showing both Earth and the Moon’s far side

    China’s Longjiang-2 satellite has captured an incredible image featuring both the far side of the Moon and Earth in the background. The data was received by the Netherlands’ Dwingeloo Radio Telescope from an amateur radio transceiver built by a team at China’s Harbin ⟳ continue…

    From:: DPreview

    The VEER 18 is a packable bag with inflatable camera protection that’s currently on Kickstarter

    Bag makers Wandrd have returned to Kickstarter and this time they’ve launched a campaign for the VEER 18L packable bag with inflatable back panel and camera Cube. The idea is simple. Typically packable bags lack ⟳ continue…

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    Making an Epic Roadshow Motion Picture on a Microbudget: Daniel Kremer on Overwhelm the Sky

    By Aaron Rappaport

    In January 2017, I interviewed San Francisco-based independent filmmaker Daniel Kremer for a local Bay Area publication called CineSource Magazine. In these past two years, he’s been as indefatigable and as busy as ever. On February 10 and 11, the San Francisco Independent Film Festival premieres his latest feature film, ⟳ continue…

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    Feb Freeze ’19

    By Azurgrip

    Quickie update – went to White’s February Freeze and saw the new Panther S-Type dolly. Sebastian from Camadeus was great on showing the capabilities. Unfortunately I didn’t get a full hands on.

    And caught up with Jesse and Frank from ⟳ continue…

    From:: Dolly Grippery

    Google removes 29 malicious Android camera apps from Play Store

    Google has removed 29 malicious camera apps from the Google Play Store according to security company Trend Micro. Researchers identified 29 Android camera apps, many of them ‘beauty apps,’ that compromised user security, including presenting full-screen malicious advertisements when the user’s phone ⟳ continue…

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