How does the Canon C200 fit into a TV production dominated by Sony?

By Ben Fogarty

The C200 is a bit of an enigma. It is either an all-out 4k raw beast or a slightly underwhelming 8-bit internal recording camera. So how does it fit into…

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How to Do One-Step J-Cuts in Premiere Pro

By V Renée

Get ready to edit “J-cuts” at lightning speed.

J-cuts are an essential tool in every editor’s arsenal because they provide seamless, professional transitions between clips. Because they’re straight-forward, they don’t seem like the most time-consuming transitions in the world—I mean, all you’re really doing is adjusting the length of two video ⟳ continue…

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Five Things Leaders Get Wrong When It Comes To Building Great Teams

By philcooke

Building great, creative teams is an art. Like an athletic coach, the key isn’t just maximizing the talent of each member, it’s also about combining that collective talent to do amazing things. Plenty of sports teams with all-star players lose to less talented teams who know how to work together. ⟳ continue…

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This is one big reason why computer performance keeps getting better

By (Rakesh Malik)

This is one big reason why computer performance keeps getting better

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know that the clock speeds of processors haven’t changed much, yet performance is still going up. Most of that performance gain is coming from parallelism.

  • Parallel computing
  • Parallel processing
  • CPUs
  • CPU speed
  • clock speed
  • parallelism
  • paralellization

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    How Joe Berlinger Got a Blacklisted Ted Bundy Script Greenlit in 5 Weeks

    By Emily Buder

    ‘Extremely Wicked, Shocking Evil and Vile’ is a new kind of Ted Bundy film, told from the perspective of the killer’s long-time girlfriend.

    With the grave exception of his victims, those who knew Ted Bundy prior to his arrest saw him as a charming, convivial guy. He was a ⟳ continue…

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    My 5 Big Takeaways from Sundance 2019

    By George Edelman

    As the dust settles on Sundance 2019 I recap what I learned.

    It was an active and exciting year at Park City. I just barely survived my first trip there after coming down with a nasty cold towards the end.

    The question weighing on my mind during the trip was what information ⟳ continue…

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    Intellytech Pocket Cannon Mini LED fresnel

    By Erik Naso

    With so many LED RGBW panel lights coming out in the past couple years the traditional Fresnel has taken the back seat. Intellytech has five fresnel fixtures in their lineup including the…

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    3 Takeaways from the Viral Sheck Wes Revenge Upload Music Video

    By Jourdan Aldredge

    A victory for every video editor left hanging without payments, but at what cost?

    Having worked for years in film and video production, many of which as a freelance turnkey video editor, there have sadly been several times where I’ve been left hanging by clients. The excuses vary from lack of ⟳ continue…

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    Latency Plagues Super Bowl Video Streams, Finds Phenix

    By Phil Kurz NEW YORK—Day-after conversations around the water cooler about sporting events inevitably come around to “did you see that play” or “call”—and when it comes to the Super Bowl, “commercial.” However, no one ever thinks to ask “when did you see that” –no one except for real-time streaming specialist …

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    Kodak Alaris is actively looking to sell off its paper and film unit for an estimated $34M

    A surprising report has revealed that Kodak Alaris, specifically its film unit responsible for bringing back Ektachrome 35mm film products, is up for sale. The business move was revealed by Inside Imaging, which reports that at least part of Kodak Alaris may ⟳ continue…

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    Over 100 Cast Members and No Permits: How I Shot Ham on Rye in Los Angeles

    By Carson Lund

    The following guest essay on the making of Ham on Rye is from cinematographer Carson Lund. The film premieres at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this week, and the official site is here. For independent filmmakers, Los Angeles is a city of contradictions: it’s both an ideal place to ⟳ continue…

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    Society of Camera Operators Awards Winners

    By Staff

    The Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards show, which honors the art and craft of camera operating and production crew, was held on January 26, 2019 at the Leows Hollywood Hotel. The Awards show featured a beautiful red carpet, and the black-tie ceremony was streamed live. The best of ⟳ continue…

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    Top Honors to Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

    By Mary Ann Skweres

    69th Annual ACE Eddie Awards celebrated the best editing of the year in film, TV and documentaries at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel with over 1000 in attendance. Outstanding editing was recognized in 11 categories of film, television and documentaries.Comedian Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, ⟳ continue…

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    “Pushing for Black Actors to Tell Black Stories”: Euzhan Palcy on A Dry White Season

    By Jim Hemphill

    In 1989, Euzhan Palcy became the first black woman to direct a major studio movie when she helmed A Dry White Season for MGM. A brutal yet inspiring anti-apartheid drama, A Dry White Season remains a model of political filmmaking, as Palcy (adapting Andre Brink’s novel with co-screenwriter Colin Welland) ⟳ continue…

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    2019 Art Directors Guild Awards Winners

    By Staff

    During a black-tie dinner gala at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, the Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800) announced the winners of its 23rd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards in 11 categories of film, television, commercials, music videos and animation features. More than 950 people, including guild members, ⟳ continue…

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