Panasonic drop the price of the EVA1 to $6,495 USD

By Matthew Allard ACS

Panasonic has dropped the price of the EVA1 to $6,495 USD. This is a $1,000 USD drop from the cameras original pricing. The camera has had mild discounts at various → continue…

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Review of 2018: The BMPCC 4K arrives

NAB 2018 belated Slideshow

By Jon Fauer

New Year 2019 Resolution: Get these slideshows posted on time. Here are Mark Forman’s excellent photos from NAB 2018. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge and click through all 330 → continue…

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RED Hydrogen One Teases New Look at RED Lithium 3D Camera

By Jourdan Aldredge

But how will this new 3D/4V Camera work with the RED Hydrogen One – and will filmmakers care?

The RED Hydrogen One may not be off to the best start press-wise. → continue…

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OSCAR CONTENDER – Avengers: Infinity War

By Scott Essman

In Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, the visual effects department was tasked with creating unique worlds, characters, and effects unlike those previously seen on film. For overall visual effects supervisor → continue…

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Study finds news photography quality drops when non-professionals are used

In 2013, the Times Herald-Record in Middletown, NY, laid off its entire photo staff, electing to replace them with a mixture of → continue…

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Join our team! DPReview is hiring three Software Development Engineers

If your New Year’s resolution list includes a career move, we’ve got good news: DPR is seeking three Software Development Engineers at a range of → continue…

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New ‘EZ’ E-6 film developer announced under Edwal brand

On the back of the re-introduction of some Kodak Ektachrome films a U.S. photographic company has announced → continue…

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Watch: The 2018 NoBudge Award Winners

By Erik Luers

Continuing to honor the very best in independent filmmaking.

Founded by notable independent filmmaker Kentucker Audley, the independent film curation website, NoBudge, remains an invaluable resource for the streaming distribution of → continue…

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MOD Begins 2019 on a High

Do the images from my Sony camera have to look the way they do?

By alisterchapman

— And why do Sony cameras look the way they do?

It all about the color science.

“Color Science” is one of those currently in fashion phrases that gets thrown around → continue…


How We Made An Academy-Award Shortlisted Film

By Jon Fusco

The team behind ‘Caroline’ divulge the valuable production steps that led to their standout short.

Making a short film is almost always a murky and uncertain process. You prepare for what → continue…

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Sound Lounge Celebrates 20 Years of Incredible Sound

Video: The history of B&H in 91 seconds

B&H has grown to become an establishment in the world of photography since it first opened its doors in 1973. To celebrate more than 45 → continue…

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Every Alien Contact Spot in Cinema History Mapped Out in This Graphic

By Jourdan Aldredge

A look at where every extraterrestrial cinematic contact takes place on a U.S. map – you know, for your film research.

Planning your next sci-fi alien disaster attack film? Chances are → continue…

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