The Secrets of the Slasher Film

By Sareesh

Here’s my first video of 2019, the secrets to a great Slasher film:

The problem with the old definition of a → continue…

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Review of 2018: IBC2018 and all that

IFH 287: How To Have Your Best Year Ever in 2019!

By Alex Ferrari

How To Have Your Best Year Ever in 2019! Welcome to 2019 IFH Tribe! Last year was one hell of a ride for Indie Film Hustle. I shot a feature, → continue…

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Review: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L and ‘Packing Tools’ are pricey but versatile


The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is the core item in the brand’s new travel line.

The Internet has been abuzz with excitement over → continue…

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10 Movies That Cleverly Gave Away Their Twists Early

By Dimitris Anestos


It is no secret that cinema has borrowed a lot from literature in regards to storytelling. With the written word bearing the advantage of maturation over millennia, it makes perfect → continue…

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Dpreview: What Sony should do in 2019…

By SonyAlpha Admin

I wish all SAR readers a Happy New Year! And this is our first discussion of 2019. Dpreview wrote this list of things Sony has to do in 2019. et → continue…

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