BMPCC 4K Recommended Media

By Matthew Allard ACS

With the BMPCC 4K now shipping, Blackmagic has updated the list of approved media that is recommended for use with → continue…

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Sekonic C-800 Spectromaster adds SSI index for precise colour measuring

By Newsshooter

Sekonic has announced the new C-800 SpectroMaster which adds SSI (Spectral Similarity Index) measuring capabilities. Here at Newsshooter, we have → continue…

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Teradek gives new graphics power to live streamers

By (RedShark News Staff)

Teradek gives new graphics power to live streamers

Teradek has just teamed up with Singular to bring graphical overlay power to live streams using its products.

  • Teradek
  • Live streaming
  • Core
  • Singular
  • graphical overlays

    → continue…

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    StrawberryFrog’s Lush Film Opens Up The World of Autism For One Small Girl

    IFH 271: Going Undercover and Directing for VICE with Natalia Leite

    By Alex Ferrari

    Going Undercover and Directing for VICE with Natalia Leite Today’s guest is writer/director Natalia Leite. This director is one of → continue…

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    Spittn Image Welcomes The Fall With New Print & Social Campaigns For FX’s “American Horror Story” & “Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

    How Google developed the Pixel 3’s Super Res Zoom technology

    In a blog post on its Google AI Blog, Google engineers have laid → continue…

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    PhotoDirector 10 released with AI styles, new layer features, and tethered shooting

    CyberLink has released PhotoDirector 10, the newest version of its PhotoDirector image editing and → continue…

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    Don’t wait for Holga’s, you can get this battery-free Instax printer today

    Toy manufacturer Tomy has announced the KiiPix, a battery-free smartphone printer that’s <a target="_blank" → continue…

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    Sony users are reporting issue using 128GB SanDisk Extreme SD cards with a7 III

    According to multiple users on the Sony Alpha subreddit, Sony’s a7 III camera is → continue…

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    Fujifilm X-T3’s video lives up to impressive specifications

    The Fujifilm X-T3’s 4K video more than lives up to its impressive specification, making it one of the most capable → continue…

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    Sony officially announces the new Medium Format, Full Frame, APS-C and MFT sensors

    By SonyAlpha Admin

    Today Sony officially updated their sensor database. It includes all new MFT up to Medium format sensors company can buy → continue…

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    SPACE KIT: Download 40+ Free Space Textures and Elements

    By Todd Blankenship Want to create convincing space scenes with practically created elements and effects? Download these 40+ free space textures and elements → continue…

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    Learn How to Build Your Own Studio Set for Less Than $150

    By Logan Baker In this video tutorial, find out everything you need to know to build a studio flat from the ground up → continue…

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