10 Movie Endings That Are Almost Impossible To Explain

By David Zou


These 10 ambiguous films are a great example of how to create a compelling and enthralling story without attaching to → continue…

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The 10 Best Action Thrillers of The 21st Century

By Allan Khumalo

Action-thrillers have truly become something special over the last few years. Europe and Asia have long offered the world unique → continue…

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Video: 5 DIY photography storage ‘hacks’

Storing camera gear seems to be a never-ending battle. Whether you want to admit to → continue…

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California wildfire devastation revealed in series of aerial images

Aerial photos reveal California wildfire devastation

Image via city of Redding

The City of Redding’s Geographic Information → continue…

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Jim Hemphill’s Weekend Home Viewing Recommendations: The Day After and NCIS: New Orleans — The Fourth Season

By Jim Hemphill

One of the bleakest, most affecting and most expertly directed movies ever made for television arrives on Blu-ray this week → continue…

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With ‘The Tables,’ Union Editor Karen Kourtessis Offers a Slice of NY Life

Why I Choose To Shoot ProRes Raw with the FS5

By alisterchapman

This is a much discussed topic right now, so as I promised in my last article about this, I have → continue…


10 Films That Answer Fundamental Questions About Cinema

By Liri Chapelan

If “everyone has their own truth”, as the saying goes, it is understandable why cinema, which is “truth twenty-four times → continue…

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Canon Patent Application: Long eye relief optics for EVF

By Richard Canon has applied for a patent for EVF optics that will provide a longer eye relief. This of → continue…

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The 20 Most Beautiful Erotic Movies of All Time

By Neil Choudhury

Compiling a list of beautiful erotic movies that everyone wholeheartedly agrees to is mission impossible, as one person’s erotic dream → continue…

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Google data shows HUGE decline of interest in Canon 5D series

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

Comment on this article at the EOSHD Forum

Comment on the forum Google registered 75% less interest in the 5D → continue…

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‘BlacKkKlansman’ Writers On Handing ‘Our Baby’ to Spike Lee and Finding a Home for Their Screenplay Without an Agent

By Eric Kohn David Rabinowitz and Charlie Wachtel scored the rights to a story that became Lee’s best film in years. For IndieWire, → continue…

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Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG HSM Art for Sony E-mount sample gallery

Earlier this year Sigma announced nine full-frame Art-series primes would be made available for Sony E-mount. We recently got → continue…

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The 5 Keys to Capturing Beautiful Landscape Footage

By Jourdan Aldredge In this article, we take a look at the keys to success when shooting beautiful landscape footage for your next → continue…

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SmallHD Focus HDMI OLED monitor now shipping

By Matthew Allard ACS

SmallHD is finally shipping there Focus OLED 5.5″ HDMI monitor. Despite the companies recent fire which severely damaged their warehouse → continue…

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