How a Baby Bucket List Lead Us to Make Our First Feature Film

By Joshua J. Smith

They say that making your first feature is a lot like having your first child. My wife, Allyssa, and I → continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine

Power Junkie Breakout box for Sony NP-F Batteries

By Newsshooter

Blind Spot Gear has launched their fifth Kickstarter campaign with the new Power Junkie. While the previous products have been → continue…

From:: News Shooter

New documentary: The Skiathos Kittens

By wpadmin

It’s no secret that I like cats, well I like all animals but cats are my favourites. I am sure → continue…

From:: Philip Bloom

Firmware: Canon EOS M50 v1.0.1

By Canon Rumors Last week Canon released new firmware for the Canon EOS M50. The update covers two issues you may have when → continue…

From:: Canon Rumors

Sigma Readying Two New EF Lenses for Photokina? [CR1]

By Canon Rumors Reliable Sigma rumors have always been hard to come by over the years, but we’re starting to hear more → continue…

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Amazing August: Instant Rebates on the new Canon XA11 and XA15 Pro HD Camcorders

By Canon Rumors Canon is having what they’re calling “Amazing August”, and celebrating with instant rebates on Canon’s new XA11 and XA15 Pro → continue…

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Union Entertainment Group Announces Coming-of-Age Drama ‘Here Are The Young Men’

Sound Lounge Teams with Mad Hat Creative to Launch Sound Lounge Everywhere™ in Atlanta

Cactus launches bare bulb wireless monolight on Kickstarter

Lighting manufacturer Cactus has officially launched its RQ250 bare bulb wireless TTL flash unit on → continue…

From:: DPreview

Dominic Houston, Head of Music Team at Netflix, Will Be Business Keynote Speaker During the Fifth Annual Production Music Conference

Back to One Podcast: BlacKkKlansman Actor Topher Grace Talks Playing Evil People, Working with Great Directors, and the Epidemic of the Hollywood Earpiece

By Peter Rinaldi

Seven seasons on the sitcom That ’70s Show led Topher Grace to roles in Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic, In Good Company, → continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine Masters: New Series from Takes Deep Dive Into Filmmakers’ Motivations

Ziva Dynamics Launches Ziva VFX 1.4

It is now possible to pipe the entire internet through a single cable

Elgato Stream Deck Mini – 6 Buttons, Endless Possibilities

By Olaf von Voss

Stream Deck Mini

Meet the little brother of Elgato’s 15-Button Stream Deck. This new one only has 6 buttons but since every single → continue…

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