THROWBACK FRIDAY: Stanley Kubrick: The Rare 1966 Interview of a 37 Year Old Kubrick – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

Please note: Throwback Fridays are archival episodes from the Indie Film Hustle Podcast. After many requests from the IFH Tribe → continue…

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Dark and edgy cinematography in Showreel of the Week

By (RedShark News Staff)

Dark and edgy cinematography in Showreel of the Week

This week’s featured showreel focusses on award winning DP Josh Woo.

  • Josh Woo
  • Showreel
  • Cinematography
  • Director of Photography

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    Appeasing Fans Has A Lethal Impact On Your Brand

    By philcooke

    In my last article How to Move People from Advocates to Customers, I explored the difference between a customer, a → continue…

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    “My Best Tool is Empathy”: Four Female Cinematographers on “The Female Gaze”

    By Meredith Alloway

    “I think women drill down and they’re not afraid of emotion,” says cinematographer Joan Churchill about females working behind the → continue…

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    Print and share precious memories in an instant with the Canon Zoemini, Canon’s smallest and lightest photo printer

    By Canon Rumors United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Thursday 2nd August 2018 – Canon Europe has today unveiled the Canon Zoemini, a lightweight, → continue…

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    “I Love Unpacking Human Behavior…”: Five Questions for Night Comes On Director Jordana Spiro

    By Scott Macaulay

    Opening in theaters today is the debut feature from actress and short-film director Jordana Spiro, whose Night Comes On subversively → continue…

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    The Canon Zoemini is a small and lightweight portable photo printer

    Despite most images existing exclusively in digital format these days, there is a good choice → continue…

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    Trailer Watch: Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk

    By Scott Macaulay

    What a beautiful trailer! Filmmaker‘s #1 most anticipated movie of the year — Barry Jenkins’s follow-up to his his Oscar-winning → continue…

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    11 Great Female Cinematographers Who Subvert the Male Gaze

    By Chris O’Falt IndieWire celebrates the work of Rachel Morrison, Ellen Kuras, and nine other cinematography greats with the help of some of → continue…

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    Motorola launches Moto Z3 with optional 5G module

    Motorola has announced its 2018 flagship smartphone, the Moto Z3, which, like previous → continue…

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    GoPro Q2 2018 results show slow improvement: new products vowed for late 2018

    GoPro has revealed its Q2 2018 financial results, boasting a massive 40% quarter-over-quarter → continue…

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    Teen Comedies Have a Class Problem, and Augustine Frizzell’s ‘Never Goin’ Back’ Tries to Fix It

    By Chris O’Falt Writer-director Augustine Frizzell writes for IndieWire about creating a cinematic space to reflect on her wayward years. → continue…

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    New Venice Look LUT’s Version 3. Includes minus green LUTs. For FS5, FS7, F55, A7S, A7R.

    By alisterchapman

    I released my first version of the Venice Look LUT’s a few weeks ago and they have been a big → continue…

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    An Update on the upcoming Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD

    By Canon Rumors The Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD, which leaked out earlier this week is likely going to be officially announced by → continue…

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    How to Soften Your Sharp 4K DSLR Video Footage

    By Lewis McGregor Super sharp footage is great when you need it, and not so great when you don’t. Here’s how to soften → continue…

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