10 Criminally Underseen Cult Films That Are Worth Your Time

By Matthew Gilmore

You have your ‘cult’ movie followings where enraptured viewers ‘abide by the dude’ or join each other in a form → continue…

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What Does Excellence Really Mean?

By philcooke

The word “excellence” is tossed around a lot in leadership and creative circles these days, but the truth is, few → continue…

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Cactus releases firmware to add TTL control for Canon flashes

Chinese flash system manufacturer Cactus has released new firmware for its V6 II Transceiver that → continue…

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Video: Pro lighting at hardware store prices

Everyone knows that good lighting is important when shooting video, but professional video lights can → continue…

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Buyer’s Guide: The Best Macro Lenses on the Market

By Jourdan Aldredge Here are some of the best macro lens options currently on the market for filmmakers and videographers looking to get → continue…

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Capture One Latitude style packs bring warm and cold color presets

Phase One has launched its new Latitude style series, the latest addition to the → continue…

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Ole Miss Counts on Cartoni To Capture The Thrill of College Sports

Boulevard Arts and Nice Shoes Break Down Barriers to Art with Augmented Reality

Nine Cameras and 101 Shooting Days: Director Dante Lam and Producer Candy Leung on Operation Red Sea, Stunt Choreography and Working in English

By Daniel Eagan

The second-highest grossing Chinese film of all time, Operation Red Sea has earned over a half-billion dollars since its release → continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine

SMPTE Hollywood Section Hosts Career Day

Godox announces AD400Pro strobe, due out in August

Godox Photo Equipment has announced a new addition to its growing lineup → continue…

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Create a Glitch Effect For Logos and Titles in After Effects

By Joshua Noel In this video tutorial, learn how you can create a digital distortion scene with a glitch effect using these four → continue…

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10 Brilliant Directors Who Should Make More Films

By David Zou

A film director’s first successful motion picture usually serves as their ticket to make more films in the future. However, → continue…

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ARRI Large Format Japanese Edition

By Jon Fauer

To coincide with the delivery of an ARRI Alexa LF camera to NAC Image Technology in Tokyo, here is the → continue…

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