The 20 Best Movies of 2018 (So Far)

By Shane Scott-Travis

Already we’re at the midpoint of 2018 (where does the time go?), and anyone of the opinion that it’s been → continue…

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How To Accomplish More In Short Periods Of Time

By philcooke

One of my greatest failures as a creative person is underestimating what can be accomplished in a short period of → continue…

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We find some hidden gems at London’s Media Production Show

Industry Veteran Danixa Diaz Joins Troika Media Group As VP of Business Development

Jim McKay on His Return to Feature Filmmaking, the Soccer-Themed Drama, En el Séptimo Día

By Scott Macaulay

The following interview with director Jim McKay was published during last year’s BAMcinemafest and is being rerun today as his → continue…

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Canon teases CMOS sensor nearly 40 times larger than a 35mm full-frame sensor

In 2010, Canon revealed that it was developing the world’s largest CMOS → continue…

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Production 101: What Is a Digital Imaging Technician

By Caleb Stephens Ever wonder what a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) is, and what they do? In this article, find out everything you → continue…

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Making a Compact Sony a7S II Rig with Hawk Woods Mini V-Lock Batteries

By Nino Leitner

This is a guest review by director of photography and cinema5D reader Scott Leslie who tried to find a way → continue…

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The Truth About Hollywood: On Ben Fritz’s The Big Picture: The Fight for the Future of Movies

By Peter Broderick

Hollywood has been transformed. The six major studios — Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Fox, Sony, and Paramount — have all → continue…

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Sound Devices annuncia MixPre-3M e MixPre-6M

By News

Sound Devices ha annunciato MixPre-3M e MixPre-6M, due registratori audio multitraccia con interfacce audio USB integrate. Sebbene siano stati progettati → continue…

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Audio Story-Tellers Temp Love Celebrate 5th Anniversary and Relocate into Historic 32TEN Studios

Post-Production Tip: Four Highly Useful After Effects Scripts

By Chris Elwyn Working with Adobe After Effects on a deadline? These four scripts will speed up your process — without creating careless → continue…

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New Starz Series “Vida” Finished at MTI Film

“The Film Became About What Growing Up in the Midst of a War Does to a Child… ”: Simon Lereng Wilmont on The Distant Barking of Dogs

By Lauren Wissot

I discovered Simon Lereng Wilmont’s The Distant Barking of Dogs, a poetic look at everyday life on the frontline of → continue…

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PBS Doc Premiere June 18– HOBO Handles Complete Audio Post For Award-Winning Documentary “Quest”