Cine Gear 2018 Exclusive: Wooden Camera shows working prototype Arri LF Shark Fin powering solution. Enables 2 batteries to be mounted

By Erik Naso

Wooden Camera showed Newsshooter exclusively at Cine Gear Expo a working prototype powering solution for the ARRI LF camera. The → continue…

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10 Great Movies That Caused Walkouts in Cinemas

By Danae Dalla

The buzz around Lars von Trier’s provocative new film “The House that Jack Built” and the mass audience exodus at → continue…

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Watch: Falz the Bad Guy’s Childish Gambino Riff, This is Nigeria

By Scott Macaulay

Back in 2002, Filmmaker covered Nigeria’s “Nollywood” film scene, which producer Jeremy Nathan wrote, could be compared to the American → continue…

From:: Filmmaker Magazine adds super high resolution image collaboration

Hands on with the ZEISS Supreme Cinema Primes

By Graham Sheldon

The recently announced ZEISS Supreme cine primes are here and we had a chance to go hands on with → continue…

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Cine Gear 2018: Ignite Digi making life easier for Movi & Ronin gimbals when both are on set with quick release systems

By Erik Naso

Nothing is more frustrating than when you have several different pieces of kit that all have different mounting systems. Going → continue…

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The 10 Most Perfect Movies of The 21st Century

By Andreas Babiolakis

Perfection is subjective when it comes to art. A mathematical equation can only have one answer, no matter what those → continue…

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10 Great 2018 Movies You May Not Have Seen

By Polina Goupalo

Lean on Pete

Movies are being released so fast all around the world that it is often very difficult to keep up with → continue…

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DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review

The new Fujifilm X-T100 includes some impressive features at a budget-friendly price. So, how does → continue…

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