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All 26 Ron Howard Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

By Michael Jolls

In June 2017, Lucasfilm’s president, Kathleen Kennedy, finally did what many cinephiles were hoping would eventually happen: assign one of → continue…

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Amazing motorsports footage in this weeks Social Media Follower of the Week!

By (RedShark News Staff)

Amazing motorsports footage in this weeks Social Media Follower of the Week!

This weeks Social Media Follower is high octane Italian filmmaker Mattia Merli.

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  • Mattia Merli

    → continue…

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    The 2018 5DayDeal Video Creators $10,000 Giveaway is Now Live!

    By Canon Rumors The yearly 5DayDeal Video Creators $10,000+ Giveaway is now live! The 2018 Video Creators $10,000+ Giveaway prize list is as → continue…

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    Exclusive Interview: The Creators of Some of The Most Popular LUT Packs Ever

    By Todd Blankenship If you haven’t heard of VisionColor LUTs, chances are you’ve seen them in action more than a few times in → continue…

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    Video: How Tony and Chelsea Northrup won $40,000 in image theft lawsuit

    Well-known photography educators Tony and Chelsea Northrup have published a new video that details → continue…

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    Sigma announces price and ship date of 105mm F1.4 ‘bokeh master’ Art lens

    Sigma’s special ‘bokeh master’ 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art lens made quite a splash → continue…

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    10 Great Movies That Will Teach You Life Lessons

    By German Torres Ascencio

    Here is a list of 10 films that won’t teach anyone how to act or how to perceive life. The → continue…

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    The 10 Best Reviewed Movies of Cannes 2018

    By Reggina Zervou

    The Cannes Film Festival has just ended, the awards had been given, and here we go with the reviews about → continue…

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    What’s wrong with my viewfinder, my old camera had a much better viewfinder!

    Schrader’s Mishima, Cristian Mungiu on Criterion and Dear White People: Jim Hemphill’s Weekend Viewing Recommendations

    By Jim Hemphill

    In a nice bit of cinematic serendipity, Paul Schrader’s singular 1985 film Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters arrives on → continue…

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    More Full Frame Mirrorless Talk, Maybe Some Surprises? [CR1]

    By Canon Rumors We seem to be getting information from new places every week now, so please mind the ratings you’re seeing on → continue…

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    Nikon D5 firmware update adds useful ‘recall shooting functions’ feature

    Nikon has released firmware version 1.30 for its D5 professional DSLR, and → continue…

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    Zeiss launches new lineup of lightweight and compact ‘Supreme Prime’ lenses

    Zeiss has announced a new lineup of 13 ‘Supreme Prime’ lenses for large → continue…

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    Sigma Announces Pricing and Availability for Its 105mm F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens

    By Canon Rumors The “Bokeh Master” will begin shipping in Canon, Nikon and Sigma mounts in late June for a retail price of → continue…

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