Shape the light with new Aputure Barn Doors for the Light Storm C120 and C300

By Erik Naso

Back in 2016, Aputure introduced the COB Light Storm 120t. Since then they have produced a daylight version (12od) as → continue…

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10 Great Psychological Thrillers by World-Class Directors

By Antoni Urbanowicz

The thriller genre is one of the most beloved and popular movie genres. It is connected to the audience’s penchant → continue…

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Creatives: Do You Have a Career Strategy?

By philcooke

I’m continually amazed at the number of highly creative people who never give a thought to career strategy. I often → continue…

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“Sprinkling a Little ‘Stacey’ On It”: Director Stacey K. Black on How to Excel at Directing Episodic Television

By Jim Hemphill

Directing episodic television can be one of the most challenging forms of filmmaking. A tricky balancing act is required by → continue…

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