RED announces AT&T, Verizon (US) & Telcel (Mexico) as Hydrogen One Carrier Partners

By Newsshooter

Jim Jannard has announced on REDUSER that the RED Hydrogen ONE phone will be released on AT&T and Verizon in → continue…

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Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 claims it will change the way we work together

Get a faster network connection with Sonnet’s new Solo 10G – Thunderbolt 3 to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor

By Newsshooter

While 10 Gigabit Ethernet is still in its infancy, the prices of 10GbE switches and devices are slowly coming down. → continue…

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PODCAST: Getting Your Indie Film Programmed At Festivals With Karolyne Sosa

By Noam Kroll

The film festival submission process can be extremely daunting for filmmakers, especially those that have no experience on the festival → continue…

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Immersive Films Program – Get $40,000 for your VR Film Project (for US participants)

By Jakub Han

Tribeca Film Institute and Google Daydream are now looking for exciting VR (Virtual-Reality) projects in their Immersive Films Program. 5 → continue…

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Nice Shoes Creative Director Matt Greenwood’s Animated Character Exploration “Final_Final” Debuts at Pictoplasma Berlin

Video: How to safely and legally fly with camera batteries

Photography tutorial website The Slanted Lens has published a useful YouTube video guide on → continue…

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Fast apertures on the GH5 = Full frame

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

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Comment on the forum Bigger sensor, or faster lens? Which is most → continue…

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Inclusion Riders, Female-Led Projects and the Beginnings of Change around Gender Parity at the Cannes Film Festival

By Tiffany Pritchard

CANNES – Given the news events of the last year, it’s no surprise that the deficit of women and people → continue…

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My Color Grading Masterclass Is Officially Available For Pre-Order! Get It While It’s Hot!

By Noam Kroll

I’m excited to announce that as of today I will be taking pre-orders for my Color Grading Masterclass, which will → continue…

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IFH 240: How to Work the Film & Television Markets with Heather Hale – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

How to Work the Film & Television Markets with Heather Hale Today’s guest is Heather Hale, author of How to → continue…

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Video Tutorial: How to Configure The ADR Panel in Resolve 15

By Lewis McGregor Resolve 15 includes a very useful ADR panel. In this video tutorial, we’ll take a look at what you need → continue…

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Tutorial: How to light paint product photo backgrounds on the cheap

Dustin Dolby of workphlo is great at creating professional product shots using just one → continue…

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Directing Isn’t About Controlling Everything, But Learning When to Let Go

By Chris O’Falt Indie veteran director Matthew Porterfield writes about how on his fourth feature “Sollers Point” he made a better film by → continue…

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10 Great Movies That Are Perfect Introductions To Arthouse Cinema

By Andreas Babiolakis

Three Colors Blue (1993)

Growing up, a certain pairing of words seemed like a tainted synonym for pretention: arthouse cinema. Unfortunately, the style got → continue…

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