Fiilex announces the new Matrix II Light in RGBW & Tunable White variants

By Newsshooter

Fiilex has announced the new Matrix II RGBW and Matrix II Tunable White. These new models build on the original → continue…

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10 Great Movies That Are Cult Masterpieces

By Danae Dalla

Cult is quite a wide spectrum in cinema. When we speak about cult films or cult classics, we basically refer → continue…

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Don’t panic! Smart phones will not steal your job

Cannes Dispatch #5: BlacKkKlansman, The House That Jack Built

By Blake Williams

Among the markers of a great film—of a great work of art in general—is its ability to conjure itself up → continue…

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Why Mark and Jay Duplass Are Done Directing (for Now) and Taking a Creative Break from Each Other

By Chris O’Falt After HBO cancelled “Togetherness” the Duplass Brothers wrote a book to analyze their relationship and learn how to be creative → continue…

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Back to One, Episode Five: Harry Lennix on Classic Foundations of Acting, His Own Production Company and More

By Peter Rinaldi

At the moment, Harry Lennix is perhaps best known for his portrayal of FBI agent Harold Cooper on NBC’s The → continue…

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Video: A Sony flash ‘feature’ you may not like, and how to work around it

Photographer Robert Hall sent us his latest video, because he’s found some interesting things → continue…

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Jack Waldrip, charlieuniformtango senior editor, wins Best of Southwest at 2018 AICE Awards

Sony A7 III first impressions – what is going on with metering in video?

By Andrew Reid (EOSHD)

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Comment on the forum A fantastic piece of kit, but this camera → continue…

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Director Vincent Peone Wins 2018 Webby Award For Vogue Film Featuring Meryl Streep & Anna Wintour

Microsoft unveils the Surface Hub 2: A huge collaborative 4K+ 50″ display

Microsoft has expanded its Surface product line with the new Surface Hub 2, a → continue…

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A Cheaper GoPro? – Apeman TRAWO Action Cam Review

By Gunther Machu

The market for small action cams has become highly competitive these days, with a lot of chinese manufacturers competing with → continue…

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Google launches Google One cloud storage plans, offers 2TB for $10/month

If you are the kind of photographers who likes backing up your images → continue…

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Dan Mace – Vlogging in the Past

Siren Real-Time Performance | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine