Well, Here’s Another Mirrorless Option for Your Canon Glass

By Canon Rumors The folks at Yongnuo have posted a Micro Four Thirds camera module with an EF mount for the iPhone on → continue…

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Full strength editing on an iPad is finally possible: LumaFusion matched with GNARBOX

PODCAST: 5 Options For Financing Your Independent Feature Film

By Noam Kroll

Micro-budget filmmakers are often far more focused on the creative aspects of their projects than the business side. This can → continue…

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Walkie Talkie Lingo Cheat Everyone on Set Should Know – Indie Film Hustle

By Matt Webb

Walkie Talkie Lingo Cheat Everyone on Set Should Know On every project, you will be given a walkie talkie lingo → continue…

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Industry News: CMOS Sensor Sales Are at An All-Time High

By Canon Rumors Things are going really well for CMOS sensor makers according to IC Insights. IC Insights reports: The spread of digital → continue…

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Alternative Futures: Sound For “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

Stock Notice: Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI at B&H Photo

By Canon Rumors B&H Photo has stock of the brand new Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI. Product Highlights Auto Intelligent Bounce Head Compatible with Canon → continue…

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CMOS image sensor sales at all-time high

Industry analysts IC Insights report that CMOS image sensor sales will be at an → continue…

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The Yongnuo YN43 is a Micro Four Thirds smartphone clip-on camera with Canon lens mount

Yesterday, affordable photography accessory maker Yongnuo unveiled a 60mm F2 macro lens, → continue…

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Garrett Scott: A Legacy of Generosity at Full Frame Documentary Festival

By Jason Osder

In 1998, documentary filmmaker Garrett Scott died unexpectedly, shocking the film community. His film, Occupation: Dreamland, co-directed with Ian Olds, → continue…

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8K Acquisition & Delivery. Real Innovation or Mere Evolution?

By Yossy Mendelovich

I was very excited for this deck presented by Michael Cioni, Panavision’s SVP Innovation, at theLumaForge “Faster Together” of NAB → continue…

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Sony reduces Pixel Shift interval to 0.5 seconds in a7R lll

Sony has released new firmware for its a7R lll camera to insert a new option → continue…

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Paul Thomas Anderson, Greta Gerwig, and 8 More Great Screenwriters Share Their Best Advice

By Chris O’Falt From Issa Rae to Rian Johnson to Nancy Meyers, The Austin Film Fest’s “On Story Project” has hosted in-depth screenwriting → continue…

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10 Great 2017 Movies Most People Didn’t See

By Caio Coletti

The world of film is so vast it’s impossible to watch everything that is good, everything we wish to, or → continue…

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Tilta Updates Its Award Winning Cage For Sony a7 III and a9 Cameras

By Adam Plowden

Tilta has updated their Sony a7 range cage to fit the new Sony a7 III and Sony a9 mirrorless cameras. → continue…

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