Koerner Camera Lens Summit

By Jon Fauer

by Adam Wilt Koerner Camera Systems in Portland, Oregon hosted the 2nd annual Pacific Northwest Lens Summit on the first → continue…

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Anne V. Coates, RIP: How the ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Editor Helped Steven Soderbergh Unlock His Potential as a Filmmaker

By Chris O’Falt The late editor was the secret weapon behind Steven Soderbergh’s career turning point. → continue…

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Nominees for 19th Annual Golden Trailer Awards Recognize and Celebrate the Best in Motion Picture Trailers and Television Marketing

By Admin


The Golden Trailer Awards, the entertainment industry’s most…

→ continue…

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Video Tutorial: 3 Motion Graphics Typography Tips for After Effects

By Joshua Noel In this After Effects video tutorial, learn how you can produce amazing typography titles using these 3 motion graphics tips. → continue…

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Yongnuo reveals YN 60mm F2 MF macro lens

Hong Kong company Yongnuo—known for releasing ultra-affordable photography accessories and, more recently, lenses as well—has introduced its newest lens: → continue…

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Founder and CEO of Cinema/Chicago Michael Kutza To Step Down at the End Of 2018

Vintage Lens Review: Kinoptik 5.7mm F1.8 (The Kubrick) – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

Kinoptik 5.7mm F1.8 I always marveled at how Stanley Kubrick chose his lenses considering he created some of the most → continue…

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Lomography releases gold-plated Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm F2.9 lens

Lomography is back with another variant of its Daguerreotype Achromat 64mm F2.9 Art Lens. The lens was <a target="_blank" href="http://www.dpreview.com/news/3050664999/lomography-daguerreotype-achromat-2-9-64-art-lens-launches-on-kickstarter" rel="noopener" → continue…

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Hot Docs 2018: The Silver Anniversary Edition

By Lauren Wissot

The 25th anniversary edition of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival (April 26-May 6) marked my very first visit → continue…

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LightSpectrum Pro App – A Quick And Easy Colour Temperature Calculator

By Adam Plowden

LightSpectrum Pro iOS app detects the colour temperature of a scene through your iPhone camera, displaying the Kelvin and colour → continue…

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Cannes 2018 Dispatch #1: Everybody Knows, Birds of Passage

By Calum Marsh

One’s valuation of a film—really, any piece of art—is inseparable from the conditions in which it was experienced. The time → continue…

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25 FREE Action Compositing Elements from RocketStock

By Logan Baker Download these 25 FREE explosive, action-based elements to add some serious production value your next adventure film or video project. → continue…

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10 Movies That Are Great Companion Pieces To “Taxi Driver”

By Jakob Miller

Taxi Driver, hands down, is easily one of the greatest American films ever made. Period. With Scorsese’s sharp direction, Paul → continue…

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DJI launches Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone with ‘OcuSync’ and 60% quieter flight

Following numerous leaks, DJI has officially launched its new Phantom 4 Pro → continue…

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The First PowerShot G7 X Mark III Specification List We’ve Seen [CR1]

By Canon Rumors We’ve been sent what is the first Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III specification breakdown that we’ve seen. We expect → continue…

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