Teradek releases Vuer companion App for Serv Pro for Android

By Matthew Allard ACS

Teradek has finally released an Android version of the Vuer companion App that works with Serv Pro. The App is → continue…

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10 Great Movies by Legendary Directors That No One Talks About

By Allan Khumalo

One of the greatest pleasures of becoming a fan of any director is going through their filmography for the first → continue…

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Betacam changed the video world

IFH 238: How to Make Money Shooting Short Films with Carter Pilcher – Indie Film Hustle

By Alex Ferrari

How to Make Money Shooting Short Films with Carter Pilcher Have you ever wondered if you could actually make money → continue…

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Agencies and Studios of All Sizes Among Top Winners at The One Club’s ADC 97th Annual Awards

Tribeca Film Festival 2018: Ghostbox Cowboy, The Great Pretender and Diane

By Steve Dollar

Nothing else I saw at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival was as vividly out of its mind as the improbable → continue…

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Terrence Malick Tries His Hand at Virtual Reality, and Becomes a First-Year Film Student

By Chris O’Falt Malick is the latest legendary director to try 360-degree storytelling, but maybe it’s time to stop thinking about VR in → continue…

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Review: How Did Zeiss Go Backwards With the Milvus 15mm f/2.8?

By Canon Rumors The-Digital-Picture has completed their review of the Zeiss Milvus 15mm f/2.8 and have come away with some surprising results. From → continue…

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Adobe Photoshop Express update brings perspective correction and vignetting

The Android version of Adobe’s popular mobile image editing app, Photoshop Express, has just received → continue…

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PIXEO is a crowdsourced collection of the best photo spots around the world

Whether you’re looking for new spots in town or looking for the best photo locations → continue…

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How to Clean up Noisy Video and Audio in 30 Seconds

By Logan Baker Looking for audio clean-up tips for Premiere Pro or After Effects? Here’s how to fix noisy audio and video in → continue…

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MZed Course Review – Directing Color with Ollie Kenchington

By Richard Lackey

MZed has a new course, “Directing Color with Ollie Kenchington“. It’s far more than just about grading, rather → continue…

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The Art of Finding the Right Song for Your Film or Video

By Zach Ramelan The right soundtrack can make or break any video project. So how do you narrow down your options? Here are → continue…

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The 15 Best Slow Movies of All Time

By Smita Ganguli

You’d be shocked how engaging slow cinema can be, and pace is never a hurdle when you know the right → continue…

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New Type of Camera Coming from Canon Ahead of Photokina [CR1]

By Canon Rumors We continue to hear murmurs about a new style of camera coming from Canon ahead of Photokina. We have touched → continue…

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