10 Great Movies Similar To “Salò, Or The 120 Days of Sodom”

By Luc Hinrichsen

When talking about controversial movies, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom” has its permanent ticket for the first spot. Even after four decades, the film hasn’t lost any of its radical effect with its unmatched illustration of perverted human cravings.

Building their personal realm of sadism, violence and murder during the Republic of Salò between 1943 and 1945, four wealthy fascist libertines kidnap 18 teenagers for the sake of their own perverted desires.

Much has been written about the movie, its impact and similar films. There is, of course, Gaspar Noé’s “Irreversible” with a hard-to-look-at rape scene, lasting for more than 10 minutes. One might think of 2008’s “Martyrs,” another representative of the blood-soaked French New Extremity movement.

There’s Lars von Trier with his “Antichrist” and its crushed testicles, cut-off clitoris, and descent into madness, or the entirety of 2010’s “A Serbian Film.” But while all of these movies definitely illustrate similar abysmal actions, they are products of the 21st century, a fact that obviously reflects in another aesthetics.

Therefore, the following list will focus on some less popular choices, and with an eye on similar aesthetics and themes instead of the pure depiction of cruelty and violence. In addition to some outstanding movies, this list contains some examples of similar movies that didn’t manage to match up with the quality of Pasolini’s last film. Spoilers ahead.

1. La Grande Bouffe (Marco Ferreri)

La Grande Bouffe

The plot of “La Grande Bouffe” is as simple as the title suggests. Four wealthy men arrive at an opulent mansion in order to commit collective suicide by eating as much as possible. In fact, their desire concerns every form of oral consumption. Therefore, the last days in the men’s’ lives result in a repulsive orgy of lust → continue…

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