10 Movie Directors Who Are Obsessed With Details

By Diamantakos Yannis

Being a film director, especially an influential one, is a feat only a chosen few can achieve. But what makes a director truly great? Without a doubt, every director has a different style and approach to filmmaking, often pioneering new techniques and points of view.

The following directors have almost no common standpoints, with each one introducing his own style, thus solidifying his place in cinema history.

However, they all have one thing in common. A keen eye, one could say a fetish as well, for detail, whether it is a set packed to the brim with tiny objects to make the movie more alive and pulsating, an obsession with cinematography and framing, or any other seemingly insignificant detail one may not even notice.

Every single one of these directors is a master in their own way, whether they make a big budget movie, an indie flick or a low budget one.

10. David Fincher

David Fincher is the only representative of big budget Hollywood movies on this list, and for good reason. His reputation precedes him as he is notoriously demanding and difficult to work with. The result, however, is always the same. No matter how weak or filled with plot holes a scenario can be, in terms of directing, his movies always thrive.

The main reason he earned a spot on this list is because he refuses to comply with the Hollywood mass producing generic film philosophy. Fincher always utilizes his sets, actors and screenplays to the fullest. In an industry where people like Michael Bay basically destroy the magic of cinema, only caring for the big bucks, it is a true consolation that artists like Fincher still exist.

The film genres he specializes in, crime thriller and mystery, all have a very distinct approach. They are violent, gritty and → continue…

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