The 10 Best Movies That Are Full of Pop Culture References

By Shane Scott-Travis

Certainly part of the allure that goes along with films is the incredible impact they can have on popular culture and along with that, the value movies can hold as social currency.

I was a teenager living in the sticks when Pulp Fiction came out and I remember hitchhiking through a blizzard and back to get to the big city to see it (my VHS tape of Reservoir Dogs was a gem in my growing movie collection), and the next day in home room rhyming off details about Royale with Cheeses, going medieval on people, and humming Link Wray’s “Rumble” as if I’d always known the melody.

Later I would learn that Uma Thurman’s bob hairdo was a nod to Anna Karina in so many Jean-Luc Godard films and that Thurman and John Travolta’s butt wriggle at Jack Rabbit Slims was an homage to Karina and her pals shuffling the Madison in Godard’s Bande à part (1964), which also provided the nomenclature for QT’s production company, A Band Apart Films.

I offer this anecdote of my early days as a cineaste to illustrate how pop culture references in cinema, while not at all a new invention, can still offer deep rewards, act as a “gateway drug” to other films, and at the very least boost your odds on trivia night at your favorite pub.

While the following list is limited to only ten films I do want to list a few more here and point out also that below you will NOT find any animated films (otherwise Hotel Transylvania, the LEGO Movie, Shrek, and the Toy Story movies would dominate this list).

If this list were longer you’d most certainly see a wealth of 90s films (Scream, Swingers, and True Romance are brimming with pop culture films, which make them not just great → continue…

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ATLFF Creative Conference April 16-20, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

The Atlanta Film Festival is holding a five-day educational programming track, the Creative Conference, that consists of more than 30 panels, talks, and demos that dive deeper into the world of cinema. This conference focuses on topics such as screenwriting, acting, producing, casting, funding and distribution, and how they all work together to make a […]

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RiverRun International Film Festival April 19-29

By Olivia Gleichauf

The 20th annual RiverRun Film Festival is a regional event in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is one of the premier film festivals in the southeastern United States. RiverRun has grown substantially since founded in 1998, and will be presenting 165 films from over 40 different countries. RiverRun creates an inspired environment featuring a combination of […]

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Moet Moment Film Festival Competition Announces Winners April 16, 2018

By Olivia Gleichauf

Many filmmakers have submitted their 30-60 second films in the hopes of winning a grand prize film grant of $25,000 and two passes to the Tribeca Film Festival. These films are meant to express how the filmmaker celebrates what they care about most. It could be a small moment in their life, a special occasion, […]

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Industry Master Calendar April 15, 2018 – Film Festival Season & Moet Moment

By Olivia Gleichauf

Welcome Below the Line Subscribers, The Cleveland International Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, and the Indian Festival of Los Angeles are all ending today, March 15th. The Atlanta Film Festival continues their festivities throughout this week. Starting this Thursday, the 19th, is the RiverRun International Film Festival in North Carolina. The Moet Moment Film […]

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Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit Brings Servo to LWZ.3, MK Zooms & More

By Graham Sheldon

Chrosziel has released a device that brings servo capabilities to the Fujinon MK and Zeiss LWZ 3.0 lenses. We went hands on with the Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit at NAB 2018 and we found that it turns great cine zooms into run and gun ENG shooting machines. Details below:

It’s a common scenario. You buy a great cine zoom and find it excellent in narrative and other controlled environments, but when it comes to the unpredictable world of documentary shoots things start to go downhill. Having to reach for the cine lens zoom ring while taking your hand out of position on the shoulder rig is a recipe for disaster when it comes to following quick unpredictable action. Oh, and forget about zooming and focusing at the same time with a shouldered camera that doesn’t have a servo. Chrosziel has developed a solution.

The Chrosziel Compact Zoom Control Kit, powered by D-Tap and controlled through LANC connections, converts your Fujinon MK (18-55 and 50-135mm) or Zeiss LWZ 3.0 lens into something more akin to the pricier 19-90 Fujinon Cabrio or 17-120 Canon, at least in terms of operation. Calibration of the beginning and end points on the zoom ring are automatic once you’ve attached the device to the lens with four included screws. Installation is fast and it takes under a minute to affix the unit to the LWZ 3.0.

Especially designed with the FS5 and FS7 in mind, the Zoom control kit has a very low profile and doesn’t extend out from the → continue…

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SLR Magic APO Lenses & PL to EF Adapters

By Lee Herbet

SLR Magic have announced two new focal lengths in their full frame APO lens range, as well as new PL to EF adapters at NAB 2018. SLR Magic have produced…

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Sound Devices goes wireless

By Matthew Allard ACS

Sound Devices aquired UK company Audio Limited back in February. Audio Limited make high-performance wireless microphone systems and now Sound Devices have taken that technology and re-branded the wireless systems. Now…

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The 10 Most Beautiful Romantic Movies of All Time

By Dilair Singh

When Call Me By Your Name was released last year, it very quickly became one of 2017‘s best films, winning an Oscar and earning a couple nominations along the way. It’s essentially a film about a brief romantic affair, but one of the most notable aspects about the film is its beautiful scenery.

It’s arguable that if the film were shot anywhere other than Italy it wouldn’t have had the same effect. The romantic storyline is one thing, but the aesthetics of the film add another layer to the overdone “romance” genre.

This list will take a look at films that have a similar strength going for them: they’re romantic films that also happen to have a strong visual component. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean an exotic setting, but for the purpose of this list it means something “beautiful” other than the featured relationship/romance of the film in question. In other words, the relationship can’t be the only thing romantic about the film.

10. Metropolitan (1990)

Metropolitan (1990)

Whit Stillman has said that when making his first feature, Metropolitan, his budget was so low it affected his choices as a writer and director. That meant he had to do certain things creatively that would not show the audience just how low the budget was ($225,000).

Stillman ended up setting the film in the world of the young upper-class, Ivy League elite New Yorkers. The film takes place during an important time for its characters: the debutante ball season. These are characters who speak entertainingly well, and always dress nicely.

Stillman, who went to Harvard, knows the world he’s portraying intimately. However, he goes a step further and throws an outsider in the mix, Tom. Tom acts as our avatar, and he becomes enchanted with the world of his new → continue…

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Tenba Cooper Collection Expands Including 2 New Backpacks

By Tim Fok

Tenba has expanded its Cooper bag collection. The bags-that-don’t-look-like-camera-bags lineup has expanded with two new backpacks, a smaller over the shoulder plus a slimmer 15” laptop shoulder bag.

Tenba bill their Cooper line as a collection of luxury – fine materials including leather accents and trim are used to construct them.

It seems something of a right of passage for all bag manufacturers – functional bags with more focus on stylish aesthetics; we did a whole article on the very subject back in November 2016.

The Tenba Cooper line originally existed as a select few different-sized shoulder bags.

The newly announced products are a more compact shoulder bag, a slim 15” laptop compatible shoulder bag and two backpacks.

The Cooper 6 is now the smallest in line – it’s designed for mirrorless/rangefinder cameras with 2-3 lenses. Designed primarily for stills but really compact video systems could work with this.

Like all the Cooper shoulder bags the Copper 6 features the prominent front designer zip.

The Cooper 15 Slim is self explanatory – a slimmer version of the Copper 15.

“An exterior built with military-grade CORDURA® canvas and waterproof leather delivers serious protection. CORDURA® canvas blends INVISTA nylon fibers with cotton to achieve an abrasion resistance four times greater than 100% cotton canvas. This gives the bags a long-term, allweather durability that is critically important to photographers and filmmakers. Hand-riveted leather zipper pulls add a distinctive touch.”

Perhaps more importantly is announcement of the Cooper Slim Backpack and Cooper DSLR Backpack.

The difference between the two is → continue…

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Opinion: the Sony a7 III could be the new Nikon D750

For the past few years, I’ve been recommending the Nikon D750 to enthusiasts and semi-professionals needing a reliable DSLR to grow in to – probably more than any other ILC on the market. It was even my Gear of the Year in 2015 for its excellent feature set to price ratio.

Though it debuted in late 2014, the D750 remains a relevant and reliable workhorse years later. 24MP of resolution on a full frame sensor is a sweet spot for a lot of shooters, and the D750 still offers competitive dynamic range and excellent high ISO performance. It also has terrific autofocus, with Nikon’s reliable 3D Tracking.

The D750 has proven to be among the most future-proof full frame DSLRs in recent memory

And as far as full frame DSLRs go, it’s among the lightest ever made. But it’s also a camera we know will likely stand the test of time thanks to aggressive weather-sealing and sturdy construction. In short, the D750 has proven to be among the most future-proof full frame DSLRs in recent memory. Even today it’s still priced aggressively enough – with technology that is relevant – to warrant my recommendation, not to mention the recommendation of the DPReview staff in our Best Camera Under $2000 roundup.

Time for a new recommendation?

I swapped out my Nikon D750 to shoot a show with the Sony a7 III: the combination of excellent AF coverage and good low light IQ left me questioning whether it’s time to recommend this Sony over the Nikon I’ve come to love.
ISO 12800 | 1/400 sec | F4 | Shot on Sony FE 35mm F1.4 ZA | Edited to taste in ACR

But → continue…

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Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 supports ARQ (Sony Pixel Shift) files

By SonyAlpha Admin

Marc Alhadeff reports: A little gift from Adobe , not even present in the release notes of Lightroom: The Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 issued in April 2018 and that was announcing the support of the A7III, also supports the display and editing of the ARQ files of the A7RIII As a reminder an ARQ file […]

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