10 Overrated Movies With High IMDb Ratings

By Justin Gunterman

The Internet Movie Database allows any ol’ person to hop on their browser and rate a movie they’ve seen. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, the scores come straight from the registered members. Sure, the aforementioned sites allow user ratings, but they’re not the primary purpose of the website. Contrarily, IMDb thrives on user ratings. Some of the more popular movies have upwards of 1,000,000 ratings.

In other words, these ratings aren’t from a list of professional film critics. Anyone can sign up and rate a movie, which makes the website pretty interesting because it often shows what the true public opinion is. There are more male users than female users, modern movies tend to be more popular, and everyone’s God. However, in general, these ratings give people a good indicator of what others think.

Sometimes the public is very very wrong. The movies below are movies that don’t deserve their high IMDb ratings. In some cases, there’s a sharp divide between critical opinion and the rating. In other cases, this particular writer thinks everyone is a little crazy. Regardless, there’s a contrast between public opinion and this Taste of Cinema list.

1. The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

With 2004’s The Butterfly Effect, there’s a sharp divide between critics and casual moviegoers. While the movie was slammed by professional critics, most other viewers were willing to embrace the Ashton Kutcher flick.

Most other viewers are wrong. The 30 Metascore is far more appropriate than the outlandishly high 7.7 IMDb score. That score puts it above modern time travel classics like Predestination, Looper, and Source Code. Let’s be real, if The Butterfly Effect were half as smart as any of those movies, it wouldn’t have received such a critical beating.

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14 Great Movies That Will Make You Cry Hard

By German Torres Ascencio


When talking about the singularity of cinema and its power, Ingmar Bergman once said, “Film as dream, film as music. No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.” He understood that cinema has the power to mesmerize the viewer and to make them have a structured experience of a fictional world through a specific perspective. Those involved experience characters, time, space and actions through the unique lenses that the film proposes.

When a film is crafted with attention to detail, we are trapped by it; we believe in what we see and thus it affects us. This leads us to care for what the characters are experiencing, their suffering, their pleasure and their fear, among many other emotions. There are films that deliberately try to affect us and try to go directly to the harshest and cruelest aspect of human life, and on the contrary, try to escape these aspects and show us only the bright aspects of our world.

And then there are films that aspire to greater complexity. These films are crafted in a way that the characters and the plot are developed and the beauty of life is in coexistence with its pain. In these films, that kindness and cruelty are enhanced through contrast. The light of life becomes more valuable when we have seen it in contrast to the darkness.

Here is a list of films that reveal this contrast and thus affect us deeply. These films reflect the complexity of life, the beauty of the ephemeral, and the pain of the passing of time. We see our pleasures and our sorrows reflected in these films, and through their musical structures, they affect us to a degree that few things are able → continue…

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“Verme”, il primo cortometraggio di Simone Vrech

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Un sicario insegue il suo bersaglio e una misteriosa valigia, questa è la rama del primo corto del regista udinese Simone Vrech e finalista al K3 di Villach, è un cortometraggio girato la scorsa primavera interamente in Fvg, tra Trieste – Palmanova e Udine. Scritto e diretto da Simone Vrech, il corto è stato autoprodotto assieme a

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NAB 2018, Livestream annuncia la Studio 5 Beta ora disponibile per Mac

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Al NAB 2018 la Vimeo e Livestream che ora sono una società sola, hanno presentato la loro soluzione software per lo streaming Studio 5 Beta ora disponibile per la prima volta anche per Mac OSX oltre che per Windows. Tutti i clienti Vimeo possono ora accedere direttamente al software Studio 5 e abilitare lo streaming su

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Don’t buy the phone with the ‘best camera,’ buy the phone you like as a phone

If your job entails giving people on the internet buying advice about photo gear, you field a lot of questions from friends who want to make a camera purchase. It sounds corny, but we at DPR actually love these questions – it’s a chance to put an otherwise somewhat useless store of knowledge to work. We get something out of the transaction too: a data point about the needs and wants of people who are actually buying cameras. It’s like a pop quiz we spend 40 hours a week studying for.

Lately, it’s not just cameras we’re asked about. Friends have seen plenty of advertising declaring this or that smartphone as having the ‘best camera.’ More and more, we see people treating their smartphone purchase as a camera purchase too, so it makes plenty of sense that these claims hold a lot of sway. People who seek our advice are now debating between a couple of flagship devices, sometimes within the same operating system, and sometimes not. But the question is the same – “‘Such and such phone’ has the best camera, should I buy it?”

Here’s the short answer: Not necessarily.

The flagship phones from the major manufacturers all have pretty darn good cameras at this point. Sure, there are slight advantages in image quality in different scenarios, but overall, any minor shortcomings are going to be easier to live with than an operating system you don’t like. This is especially true if you’re upgrading from a phone that’s several generations old. Manufacturers have been leaning hard into camera tech innovation for the past few years, so you’ll probably see plenty of improvement even upgrading from a device several years old to last year’s flagship.

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Cascable 3.4 released, including support for the α7R III, α7 III, α9, and more!

By SonyAlpha Admin

Daniel from Cascable sent me this: I’m contacting you because we’re releasing updates to our products that I think will be of great interest to your audience. We’ve just released the latest update to our mobile toolkit for your WiFi-enabled camera, Cascable. This release adds support for Sony’s newest lineup of cameras, including the α7R […]

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Sony Tidbits…

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiKxA8SJ5kw Terry Donnelly Shooting with the Sony A9 and 85mm f/1.4 G Master Lens Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, BHphoto, eBay, Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es. A7RIII Portraits in Haiti: Letting Haitians Be Haitians by Patrick Murphy-Racey Zeiss Batis 135mm f/2.8 User Experience Review (Jason Vong). NAB 2018: New from Syrp, […]

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