cinema5D NAB Awards 2018 – BMD Pocket Cinema Cam 4K, Kinefinity Mavo, ProRes RAW, Chrosziel Servo Zoom, 2.0

By Nino Leitner

NAB 2018 has wrapped and we are proud to announce our cinema5D Award for Best of Show! It was a good year with some interesting new announcements and technologies that promise to improve qualities and workflows in the filmmaking world.

cinema5D NAB Award 2018

For this year’s cinema5D Best of Show Awards of NAB 2018, we decided to give out 5 prizes to very different products and technologies that caught our attention. The winners range from camera manufacturers over accessory makers to new codecs and workflow software. We have shot news videos about all these products, but not all of them have been published yet (the missing ones will be posted in the coming days). But let’s get started with the winner announcements.

Best of Show Award – Category: Entry-Level Cinema Camera – Blackmagic Design Cinema Pocket Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty with the cinema5D NAB Award 2018.

Considering how long people have been asking and waiting for this product, the expectations for this announcement have been very high – but judging from the feedback, people seem quite happy with what’s been announced. We had a hands-on with the new camera and an exclusive pre-announcement interview with Grant Petty (watch here), and we were impressed. The build quality is great, it feels like a proper camera that fits nicely in your hand and they clearly haven’t compromised on the quality compared to the already quite sturdy (and very popular) original Pocket Camera.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K wins cinema5D NAB Award 2018

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