Sony FS5 II, Canon C700 FF, Pocket Cam 4K, Fuji X-H1 + More From Day 1 At NAB

By Noam Kroll

I just got back from an exhausting day on the floor at NAB, but wanted to share some quick thoughts and first impressions while everything is still fresh. I’ll be rolling out more NAB content throughout the week, delving into a lot more detail on all the big news and announcements, but for now here are some first impressions –

Let’s start with Blackmagic’s announcement of the Pocket Camera 4K, which undeniably made the biggest splash when it was unveiled earlier today. This was no surprise, as filmmakers have been clamoring for an update to the original Pocket Camera for years, and today that wish came true.

The new Pocket Camera not only shoots 4K, but has a larger sensor (Four Thirds), an MFT mount, Mini-XLR input, CFast/SD slots + the ability to record externally via USB-C to hard drives, dual ISO settings for incredible low-light performance, a 5″ touchscreen monitor, and much more. It’s also a much larger camera, resembling a DSLR more than the previous Pocket Camera.

I think the body style of the camera is actually ideal, as many Pocket Camera shooters are working on guerrilla productions, and the DSLR-style form factor when paired with stills lenses will likely help filmmakers fly under the radar when shooting in public. For $1295, it looks like this camera will be a steal.

Another announcement that caught my attention was the FS5 II from Sony, priced at $4750. The new version mainly brings incremental changes to the camera, and if it weren’t for one specific feature update I probably wouldn’t be highlighting it here today… But Sony revealed they have integrated the color science from their high end Venice cinema camera into the new → continue…

From:: Noam Kroll

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