RED Gemini Real World Test “iPhone Only” ;)

By Vincent Laforet

So – what does the #Gemini look like at high ISO in the wild?
i.e. in “real world” use – vs a studio test?

That’s likely what every RED Digital Cinema​ user, filmmaker and DP is asking right now, especially a few days before #NAB2018

I too was curious … so much so that I took the fresh off the assembly line body with me to Sedona, AZ and the Grand Canyon during spring break with the kids… and natch: I put everyone to work. (Thanks to Bruce Dorn​ for being such a wonderful champ, guide, model!)

In many ways this video re-defines the “iPhone Only” term to some small degree – as a series of scenes is shot purely with iPhones … which I thought said everything one needs to know about the Gemini.

The fact that this was shot POST sunset for the most part – and in the 30-90 minute + range is what is exceptional to me specifically. That’s something I’m only used to when I shoot time lapses on DSLRs. Until now. (And we had to turn the iPhone screen brightness levels down!)

Filmmakers, TV shooters, doc, and pretty much everyone will be pleased with the excellent low light performance of this body as well as the smaller 5K size. I noticed I was filling up those SSDs much more slowly than in 8K… I was able to fill 5 days of footage on two of the new tiny G-Technology Europe​ 2TB SSDs and filled them each only 60%. That’s cool!

The results are incredible to me. I think the body easily sees 1.5 to 2.5 stops more into the shadows than any RED I’ve used to date and any 4K or above camera that I’ve used → continue…

From:: Vincent Laforet

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