Why Apple ProRes RAW Is A Huge Deal + How It Will Effect The Post-Production Landscape

By Noam Kroll

As some of you may have already heard, a few days ago Apple announced ProRes RAW – the next evolution in their ProRes codec lineup. For years ProRes has been the industry standard acquisition and editing format, followed by Avid’s DNxHD.

A decade or so ago when ProRes first hit the scene, it was big news. Post-houses that were used to working with cumbersome Uncompressed HD files were now able to work with a format that was visually identical, but offered smaller file sizes and far more efficient editing. And of course, the codec eventually made it’s way onto countless cameras, software platforms, and external recorders.

Things have changed over the years though, and RAW recording – which was once a luxury reserved only for the highest end productions – is now common even on prosumer level gear. Cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket or Canon C200 have put RAW in the hands of the lower budget/indie filmmaker, which has been incredible, but also has created workflow challenges for many filmmakers and editors.

RAW poses many of the same issues that Uncompressed HD did all those years ago – namely huge files and clunky post-production workflows.

This is where Apple ProRes RAW comes in.

The basic idea behind the format is to allow filmmakers to maintain small file sizes without having to sacrifice the ability to color grade using RAW. This is truly a win-win, as many filmmakers have reverted back to shooting compressed formats on many projects, as RAW can often be overkill for smaller jobs. But ProRes RAW will allow filmmakers to keep their workflow exactly the same as if they were shooting compressed, but will open the door for true RAW functionality, like white balance and ISO adjustments.

When you look at the graph below, which shows relative file sizes next to Uncompressed 12-bit → continue…

From:: Noam Kroll

Exclusive interview the Founder & CEO of Atomos about ProRes RAW [video]

By noreply@redsharknews.com (RedShark News Staff)

Exclusive interview the Founder & CEO of Atomos about ProRes RAW

While the world recovers from the earth axis changing announcement of ProRes RAW, RedShark News Editor in Chief David Shapton interviews the CEO of Atomos to discuss all things ProRes Raw with Atomos Founder & CEO Jeromy Young.

  • Atomos
  • ProRes Raw
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • FCP X
  • Shogun Inferno
  • Sumo 19

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    5 Inventive Horror Movie Sequels

    By David Zou


    Oh, you do remember that dialogue between Randy and Mickey in “Scream 2” about the sequels. Despite the fact that movie franchises became popular around thirty years ago, viewers have different attitude towards it. Some say that the original film would be better off alone, without any further instalments, while others are anticipating the release of another sequel.

    On the one hand you can easily understand those who would eagerly live in the world where their favourite film had no follow-ups, as sequels, usually butcher the original story, create unsuitable traits for the original characters, and lead the masses to believe that the original movie was as dumb as its sequels.

    In most of the cases, when it comes to horror movies, a sequel is nothing more than a carbon copy of the original movie, only dumber. Certain sequels suffer from over-explaining everything, while the original story was scary exactly because a lot has been left to viewers imagination.

    Most of the Halloween-franchise fans would agree that the Thorn cult explanation behind the Michael Myers’ murders was one of the dumbest ideas that ever occurred in the franchise. Or Jason becoming some shape-shifting demon in “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday”.

    Today we are going to talk about the another kind of horror movie sequels – the inventive ones. Mind that by claiming that they are inventive, I’m not trying to say that they are great. Horror aficionados mostly are well aware of them. Some of them were well received on their release, while others had to wait for thirty years in the cult status to gain some critical acclaim. Some of them are still hated by fans of the franchises and by average viewers. Regardless of that, let’s have a look at the list of most inventive horror movie sequels → continue…

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    NAB 2018 la Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K è ora finalmente una realtà !

    By News

    NAB 2018, ci siamo, la Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K è finalmente arrivata, uno striscione ne annuncia l’imminente presentazione al NAB di Las Vegas. Non abbiamo ancora dettagli sulle specifiche o caratteristiche del sensore ma ciò che possiamo dire è che questa videocamera era molto attesa. Se il prezzo sarà simile a quello del modello originale HD,

    The post NAB 2018 la Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K è ora finalmente una realtà ! appeared first on ProAV News e informazioni Foto, Cine Video .

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    NAB 2018 la Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K è ora finalmente una realtà !

    By News

    NAB 2018, ci siamo, la Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K è finalmente arrivata, uno striscione ne annuncia l’imminente presentazione al NAB di Las Vegas. Non abbiamo ancora dettagli sulle specifiche o caratteristiche del sensore ma ciò che possiamo dire è che questa videocamera era molto attesa. Se il prezzo sarà simile a quello del modello originale HD,

    The post NAB 2018 la Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K è ora finalmente una realtà ! appeared first on ProAV News e informazioni Foto, Cine Video .

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    1969 US Geological Survey photo of a massive lava ‘bubble’ goes viral

    Photo by JB Judd/USGS

    A photograph captured by US Geological Survey (USGS) photographer JB Judd in 1969 is ‘going viral’ online this week. The photo shows a massive, symmetrical lava dome fountain that was captured during a 5-year-long eruption of the Kilauea volcano’s Mauna Ulu cone between 1969 and 1974.

    The so-called lava “bubble” measured approximately 65ft / 20m in height, and it owes its Internet fame to this “Throwback Thursday” tweet by the USGS:

    Dome fountain of episode 10, October 10–13, 1969, eruption of Kilauea Volcano. This dome fountain is about 20 m (65 ft) high. Symmetrical dome fountains such as this are rare. #Tbt #HI @Volcanoes_NPS pic.twitter.com/sKSQaVINKs

    — USGS (@USGS) March 29, 2018

    After a bit of digging, the internet managed to unearth Judd’s original photograph of the lava bubble, which seems to have been flipped horizontally, straightened, and edited to produce the image shared on Twitter. The USGS photo page lists the estimated height of the bubble as 50 to 75 meters, or approximately 164 to 246 feet, and describes symmetrical dome fountains such as these as “rare.”

    The image is one of many public domain photos in the USGS photo archive. To see more, head over to the USGS website where you can browse the full collection.

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    Square Box Systems to Preview New AI-Based Content Analysis Capabilities for Industry-Leading CatDV MAM

    By Dundee Hills Group

    WARWICK, U.K. April 6, 2018 — At the 2018 NAB 2018 Show, Square Box Systems is previewing a range of groundbreaking new content analysis capabilities for its flagship CatDV media asset management (MAM) solution, leveraging the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology for speech recognition and image analysis.

    “In today’s fast-paced media environments, more new content is being created than production teams can possibly keep up with. Also, time is running out for historical content in legacy, analog formats like tape to be digitized before the content degrades. But teams have no time to log and tag the assets so they can be found and reused easily,” said Dave Clack, CEO, Square Box Systems. “AI is changing how media organizations meet these challenges, and — as usual — CatDV is at the forefront. Through our new partnerships with industry-leading providers, we’re leveraging AI capabilities that will transform media workflows and make it easier than ever for operations to access, manage, and archive tremendous volumes of content.”

    CatDV will showcase rich, AI logging, tagging, and search capabilities based on the world’s leading image and video analysis platforms.

    Through these integrations, CatDV will offer a range of advanced capabilities including:

    • Speech-to-text, to automatically create transcripts and time-based metadata
    • Place analysis, including identification of buildings and locations without using GPS tagged shots
    • Object and scene detection (e.g., daytime shots or shots of specific animals)
    • Sentiment analysis, for finding and retrieving all content that expresses a certain emotion or sentiment (e.g., “find me the happy shots”)
    • Logo detection, to identify when certain brands appear in shots
    • Text recognition, to enable text to be extracted from characters in video
    • People recognition, for identifying people, including executives and celebrities

    Square Box Systems will offer its clients a range of video and image analysis options from leading AI vendors and aggregators. Options will include the Veritone aiWARE platform → continue…

    From:: Student Filmmakers

    The SELDI 7-in-1 wearable video rig simplifies recording POV footage

    Meet SELDI, the newest gadget to hit up the photo community for some crowdfunding. This odd contraption is a 7-in-1 wearable video rig designed for action cameras, smartphones, 360-degree cameras, and compact digital cameras. The rig loops over the wearer’s head and rests on their shoulders, though the design also enables it to be used as a handheld mount, to rest on surfaces like a tripod, and to hang from any item it can be looped over, such as a fence post.

    SELDI claims its 7-in-1 rig replaces five accessories: hand grip, mini tripod, selfie stick, stabilizer, and chest mount. A pair of hinges on each side of SELDI are key to its flexibility, enabling users to adjust the camera angle based on need. By doing so, SELDI’s rig offers six shooting “modes” total, including the five performed by the accessories above, plus “multi-mount” mode, which involves placing the rig anywhere it can fit, such as on top of a door frame.

    The team behind the 7-in-1 rig also present it as an entertainment device, suggesting that owners can use it as a smartphone and tablet holder for hands-free usage to, for example, watch a movie. The device supports 1/4”-20 mounts that weigh less than 500g / 1.1lbs. Additional accessories—such as microphones and lights—can also be attached, and tools aren’t required to make adjustments.

    SELDI is offering various rewards to Kickstarter backers who are willing to fund the 7-in-1 wearable, including a super-early-bird “Pro Package” for pledges of at least $77 USD. The Pro Package includes a body strap, GoPro mount, mini ball head, hand grip, smartphone holder, smartphone GoPro adapter, super bolt, and the SELDI itself.

    To learn more or → continue…

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    Snapchat launches more realistic AR face masks for iPhone X users

    It looks like more and more third party developers are starting to make use of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth front camera that was originally implemented on the device for Apple’s FaceID unlocking feature. Yesterday, Bellus3D launched a 3D face scanning app for the iPhone X. Today, Snapchat has delivered an update to its iOS app which lets iPhone X users decorate their selfie images with augmented reality masks that take advantage of Apple’s advanced facial mapping technology.

    Apple’s TrueDepth front camera will help the masks more realistically superimpose onto the user’s face, and face motion will be tracked more precisely than for Snapchat users with other mobile devices. To start with, there are three Snapchat lenses that utilize the TrueDepth technology: a Mardi Gras-style mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a gold-plated eye cover. More masks are expected to be made available in the near future.

    The TrueDepth camera also allows for DSLR-style blurring of the background, and more accurate application of small details and 3D objects that reflect and react to ambient light in the image.

    If you happen to own the iPhone X, let us know in the comments how the new feature works for you. With similar technologies being adopted by other smartphone makers, we’d hope the new Snapchat masks make it to Android devices (at least high-end ones) in the nearer future as well. Snapchat for iOS can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store.

    → continue…

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    WD’s new blazing fast gaming SSD is perfect for 4K video editing

    Western Digital has unveiled a new line of solid state drives in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities. Called the Black 3D NVMe, this new model is designed for gaming but is ideal for video production as well, due to its key selling point: the ability to rapidly and seamlessly handle 4K/UHD graphics.

    The 500GB and 1TB 3D Black NVMe drives have a sequential read speed up to 3,400MB/s, while the 1TB drive exclusively has a read speed up to 2,800MB/s. Additionally, the new SSD is capable of up to 500,000 random-read IOPs for what Western Digital calls “extreme throughput.” That, the company explains, makes its new NVMe drives particularly ideal for multitasking environments that are data-intensive, as well as multi-threaded applications.

    “With our new architecture and controller, the Western Digital Black SSD integrates our 3D NAND technology with the NVMe interface to enable new levels of performance,” says Mark Grace, senior vice president of WD’s Devices Business Unit. “Whether it’s a new gaming rig or a video-editing workstation, our innovative NVMe drives will power many existing and future environments that enable data to thrive.”

    The drives will be available in the US by the end of the month for $120, $230, and $450 for the 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB chips, respectively.

    Press Release

    Western Digital Ups the Game with Powerful New Gaming SSD with NVMe Performance

    PC gaming is increasingly immersive, with richer and more intense visual content than ever before, and gamers are faced with making technology choices to maximize their experience. To push leading-edge performance, lower power consumption and extended durability for PC gaming systems, Western Digital Corporation(NASDAQ: WDC) today introduced a high-performance Western Digital® Black 3D NVMe™ SSD featuring the company’s own SSD architecture and controller. → continue…

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    Filmmaking 101: Making a Video From the Ground Up

    By Logan Baker Refresh your skills and take a minute to remember why you got into filmmaking with these all-inclusive tutorials on capturing images. → continue…

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    Eli Green Tackles an Awkward Subject in Spot for Donate Life Ohio

    By Artisans PR


    A dad’s “important talk” with his teenage daughter takes an unexpected turn in a new spot directed by A Common Thread’s Eli Green for Donate Life Ohio.

    In the ad, conceived by Fahlgren Mortine, a man pops into his daughter’s bedroom and begins talking animatedly about what sounds like the…

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    Desqueeze FF Anamorphic with DaVinci Resolve

    By Jon Fauer

    Here’s a reprint from the current edition (April 2018) of FDTimes about desqueezing anamorphic images with DaVinci Resolve. 8 pages.

    With the latest wave of Full Format cameras comes new interest in anamorphic Full Format lenses. The math gets numbing, but the result will be the possibility of many new exhibition/streaming formats that were never dreamt of in standards committees’ philosophies. read more… → continue…

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    ‘You Were Never Really Here’: How Lynne Ramsay Captured the Explosions Inside Joaquin Phoenix’s Head

    By Chris O’Falt Ramsay on collaborating with Phoenix and composer Jonny Greenwood, surviving career trauma, and how in 2018 we all are suffering from PTSD. → continue…

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    MTI Film To Launch CORTEX v5 at NAB

    By Artisans PR


    At NAB Show 2018, MTI Film will introduce CORTEX v5, the latest version of its set-to-screen family of workflow solutions. In addition to the powerful Dailies processing tools, the improved software includes significant, new features for IMF, DCP, and Dolby Vision packaging. The new graphs and…

    → continue…

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