The 10 Best Mind-Bending Sci-fi Movies Ever

By Andreas Babiolakis

Science Fiction cinema is usually an invitation to enter a new world or dimension. Metropolis was a statement on how modern day society needed to function in a dismal future setting. Blade Runner was a reinvention of the noir genre that incorporated a prediction of what may become of us. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was a proposition, that perhaps we needn’t be afraid of what may be out there. Lastly, of course, any Star Wars film is an excuse to use the terrains and space of an entire galaxy as a thrill ride.

The beauty of the science fiction genre is that it can be used to distance an audience whilst pulling them in. Not all questions are answered right in front of you. Some films of this nature require mental work to appreciate, but they leave a lasting impression on you as a result.

A very common example would be the two works by Christopher Nolan: Inception and Interstellar. On the surface, Inception is a heist film and Interstellar is a journey. Toss in the layers of dream states or the shifts in time through the laws of the fifth dimension, and you have a more difficult story on your hands.

This list is not finding the hardest science fiction films to digest, but some challenging films lie ahead. This list, rather, is a celebration of these kinds of films because of their ability to truly pull us in to these new worlds. Nothing is spoon fed to us. We search for many of our own answers. Most of the time, we have different results than our peers, and that is half of the joy.

Here’s a toast to the sci-fi cinema that opens our perceptions whilst scrambling the inner contents of our brains. Here are the ten best mind bending → continue…

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PODCAST: From Conception To Distribution On Hulu – An Interview With Alex Ferrari Of Indie Film Hustle

By Noam Kroll

On today’s show we are joined by none other than Alex Ferrari, a micro-budget filmmaker and true hustler – known widely for his popular filmmaking podcast Indie Film Hustle. After 20 years in the film business, Alex turned to micro-budget filmmaking as a means to take control over his own destiny and bring his feature narrative projects to life once and for all. This has culminated in the creation of two feature films over the past two years: This Is Meg, and On The Corner Of Ego And Desire.

Over the course of the interview, Alex uses his film Meg as a case study, outlining the exact steps he took to get the film made, premiere at Cinequest, and eventually license the film to Hulu. Topics covered include: Working from a scriptment, casting known actors, handling post-production on your own, navigating the festival circuit, finding distribution on major VOD platforms, and much more.

Take a listen to Episode 44: From Conception To Distribution On Hulu – An Interview With Alex Ferrari Of Indie Film Hustle

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On the Corner of Ego and Desire:

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Lomography adds ultra-wide Naiad 15mm F3.8 front lens to the Neptune system

Following its successful campaign for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, Lomography has added the new ultra-wide 15mm F3.8 front lens to the lineup. The so-called Naiad 15mm Art Lens has a 135° FOV and is designed to capture sharp images up to 1cm away from the subject. It also features a lens hood that doubles as a filter mount.

The Naiad 15mm front lens features 9 elements in 7 groups, 100mm filter compatibility, a multi-colored lens coating, and support for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Pentax K mounts via the Lens Base. Though Naiad was made for full-frame systems, Lomography says the lens is suitable for crop sensors as well, with a 24mm equivalent focal length on APS-C cameras and 30mm on M43 systems.

Images captured with Naiad feature bright, highly saturated colors and “punchy contrast,” according Lomography. And the integrated lens hood—which can rotate 360-degrees—supports rectangular filters with thickness up to 2mm so you can further customize your results.

Here are a few sample images captured with the Naiad 15mm:

The Naiad 15mm can be purchased from Lomography’s website now for $450 USD by itself, $700 USD with the Lens Base, and $800 USD with a full filter set. Lomography is also offering the full Neptune Convertible Art Lens system, with Naiad, for $1,140; of you can buy the full set, plus Naiad, plus the full range of Naiad filters, for $1,250.

Press Release

Naiad 3.8/15 Art Lens: A 15mm Front Lens for the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

Open Up Your World — Capture Ultra-Wide Shots Steeped in Saturated Colors and Punchy Contrasts

  • A Brand New, Ultra-Wide 15mm Front Lens – After the success of the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System on Kickstarter just nine months ago, Lomography got to work on a ultra-wide 15mm front lens: Naiad.
  • With a 135° Field of → continue…

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Creating a universal raw format is not as easy as you might think

By (Phil Rhodes)

Creating a universal raw format is not as easy as you might think

ProRes RAW could be a new dawn in raw video shooting. Phil Rhodes takes a look at the complexities involved in bringing such a unified raw codec to fruition.

  • Atomos
  • ProRes Raw
  • Final Cut Pro X

    → continue…

    From:: RedShark News

    Apple announce ProRes Raw and Atomos Recorders to support it within days!

    By wpadmin

    Raw recording is the way we wish we could record video but unfortunately high data rates and processing power has made it a big of a luxury and really only usable for small amounts of filming or for projects with big budgets. I have a number of cameras that record raw, Blackmagic cameras of course […]

    The post Apple announce ProRes Raw and Atomos Recorders to support it within days! appeared first on Philip Bloom- Blog.

    → continue…

    From:: Philip Bloom

    Ooyala Simplifies Video Operations with New Ooyala Flex Media Platform

    By Bob Gold

    Advanced Content Supply Chain Optimization Platform Vastly Reduces the Cost and Complexity of Content Creation, Orchestration and Distribution

    Ooyala today unveiled the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, an open and extensible video production and delivery platform that simplifies and streamlines the process of managing, curating, orchestrating, publishing, analyzing, and monetizing video content.

    This content supply chain optimization platform, which leverages Ooyala’s deep experience serving customers with cloud-based solutions, minimizes the cost and complexity of content creation, orchestration, and distribution. Designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s media content owners and production companies, the platform provides customizable workflows, seamless integration of third party tools, and a common data set across the entire video operation to gain deeper insights, improve customer experience, and increase content ROI.

    Unlike media asset management solutions, the Ooyala Flex Media Platform provides a unified framework that optimizes the entire content supply chain, and can be further configured and developed by customers to meet their specific needs. Ooyala’s powerful analytics solution collects data and insights at every stage of the content lifecycle, empowering customers to make more informed business decisions and ensure they deliver the best content to attract and engage audiences.

    “We are solving one of the media industry’s biggest pain points – how to get the most engaging content to market faster at a lower cost,” said Jonathan Huberman, CEO, Ooyala. “And what we’re hearing today from all broadcasters, studios, media companies, and enterprises is that they need efficient tools that easily integrate in order to produce, manage and distribute content profitably. This is today’s behind-the-scenes media revolution — a new paradigm in which no company wants to be tied to a proposed ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, or individual solutions from multiple vendors or legacy systems that cannot be integrated.”

    Ooyala developed this holistic solution to connect and power the entire content → continue…

    From:: Student Filmmakers

    Adder Technology Brings New Zero U KVM Transmitter to Nab 2018

    By Bob Gold

    Adder Technology Brings New Zero U KVM Transmitter to Nab 2018

    Adder Technology, focused on providing the world’s most innovative keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) solutions, will unveil the world’s first Zero U, IP-based KVM transmitter – the ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T) at NAB 2018. Developed in response to customer demand, it is the world’s smallest high performance KVM transmitter and requires absolutely no rack space. The ALIF100T is ideal for video and audio broadcast operations in premium, high-demand locations where space and cost cutting is needed – such as control rooms, command and control centers and more.

    “The industry is increasing demands on the control room, but isn’t building bigger rooms. And in today’s broadcast server room, some customers attach a value upwards of $3000 per 1U of rack space,” said Tim Conway, Vice President, Adder Technology, Americas. “Our new ALIF100T is the answer. It entirely eliminates rackspace requirements, while providing significant cost savings.”

    The ALIF100T USB-powered KVM transmitter is part of the ADDERLink Infinity solution. It can be easily retrofitted into any existing infrastructure without the need for recabling, moving computers or changing racking – reducing the overall cost of migrating from analog to digital. It can be plugged straight into the back of any computer like a dongle, taking up Zero U if rack mounted and can hang from the back of the source. Highly scalable, it also enables broadcasters to grow their system over time without needing to accommodate new rack space.

    The dongle’s small form factor also benefits remote broadcast trucks, which have even less space internally than larger data centers. Additionally, the ALIF100T allows broadcasters to link its remote units together to create a streamlined workspace from just one source.

    “Retrofitting high performance KVM into environments designed around legacy, outdated equipment is challenging and expensive, sometimes requiring a → continue…

    From:: Student Filmmakers

    Should You Upgrade the Canon 7D to the 5D Mark IV?

    By Jourdan Aldredge Thinking of upgrading to the Canon 5D MK IV? This longtime Canon videographer offers up some things you should consider before making the change. → continue…

    From:: Premium Beat

    ADG Gallery 800 Presents Little Bonfires (In Boundaried Spaces): A Mixed-Media Show

    By Admin

    The Art Directors Guild’s Gallery 800 (ADG, IATSE Local 800) presents …

    → continue…

    From:: Shoot OnLine

    Pond5 launches AI based image searches from right within your browser

    By (Simon Wyndham)

    Pond5 launches AI based image searches from right within your browser

    Searching for that perfect image for a client can be time consuming and frustrating. Pond5’s expansion of its AI based image search could eliminate that pain altogether.

    • Pond5
    • AI search
    • browser plugin
    • NAB2018

      → continue…

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      Canon Patent Application for a Canon 14mm 2.8L

      By Richard Canon News has uncovered a new patent application for a 14mm 2.8L. This lens could use an update (IMO). Japan Patent Application 2018-054988 → continue…

      From:: Canon Rumors

      Canon Patent Application for a new tilt screen for the EOS-M

      By Richard Canon News has found a patent detailing a new tilting screen mechanism for the EOS-M cameras. This possibly takes up less room that a full articulating screen, and also doesn’t force you to always have the screen to the side. Japan Patent Application 2018-054913 → continue…

      From:: Canon Rumors

      Canon Patent Application: APS-C 10mm 2.8 BR and 35mm BR patent application

      By Richard Canon News has found a BR related patent application that deals with a variant of the 35mm lens, but interestingly enough also contains a 10mm APS-C patent embodiment. Japan Patent Application 2018-54914 → continue…

      From:: Canon Rumors

      Patent: A New EF 50mm f/1.2L II Optical Formula Referenced

      By Canon Rumors Northlight has also uncovered a patent from the USPTO showing improved chromatic aberration and field curvature. A bunch of prime lenses, including a new EF 50mm f/1.2L (shown above) optical formula are referenced. → continue…

      From:: Canon Rumors

      Patent: A New Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Optical Formula Referenced

      By Canon Rumors Northlight has uncovered a lot of new lens patents from the USPTO, some of the more interesting ones include new glass types for various long lenses, including an example for a new EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS. A lens we think still has a chance at coming later this year. This patent centers around the use … → continue…

      From:: Canon Rumors