Adobe releases ‘massive update’ to Camera Profiles in ACR and Lightroom

The new Profiles panel in Lightroom CC. Credit: Adobe

Earlier today, Adobe launched a major update to Camera Profiles (now known as just “Profiles”) in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and both versions of Lightroom Mobile. The update brings six new Adobe RAW profiles, over 40 new Creative profiles, a new profile browser, and a bunch of new features and feature enhancements across both mobile and desktop.

The most significant update here is obviously Profiles.

Camera Profiles has now been renamed “Profiles”, and the whole panel has been moved so it’s easier to find. In Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic CC, Profiles have been moved from the Camera Calibration panel into the Basics panel; in Lightroom CC, they’ve been added to the top of the edit panel.

But this update isn’t just about adding Profiles to Lightroom CC and moving them around a bit. There are now six new Adobe RAW profiles to work with.

Six New Adobe RAW Profiles

In addition to the tried and true Adobe Standard, you now have Adobe Color, Adobe Monochrome, Adobe Landscape, Adobe Neutral, Adobe Portrait, and Adobe Vivid. Credit: Adobe

Previously, the only Adobe RAW profile you had at your disposal was Adobe Standard. Now, you’ve got six more to choose from:

  • Adobe Color: designed to improve the look and rendering of warm tones, improve the transition between certain color ranges, and slightly increase the starting contrast of your photos. As the new default, it was designed to work with the widest range of photos.
  • Adobe Monochrome: Tuned to be “a great starting point” for any black & white photo. Results in better tonal separation and contrast than Adobe Standard converted to B&W.
  • Adobe Landscape: Produces more vibrant skies and foliage tones.
  • Adobe Neutral: → continue…

    From:: DPreview